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Welcome To WOW!

To show you how much we care about your success, we are offering you this brand new bonus video and workbook training free of charge! If you aim to make a name for yourself in the information or niche marketing business, this training created by a multi-millionarire niche marketing master is a MUST SEE!!

If you're like me, a hands-on and visual approach to learning and understanding exactly how to do something is what works best, because what it does is put theory and logic into action, providing you with a clear roadmap to where you're headed.

And in this breakthrough coaching program that I've created, you'll get the nitty-gritty from niche marketing, attracting affiliates, and everything else in between to ensure your online success.

Introducing The Guru Blueprint Workshop...

Here's exactly what you'll learn...

Module 1: Creating Your Profit Rockets 

 The right way to do niche research

 An overview of the hottest niches. I'll show you how to find a hot niche to create a product in, and plan out your entire product within a niche.

 An entire plan to help you uutsource your product creation

 How to name your product and get killer graphics to represent your new product

 Even how to create your ebook yourself without outsourcing (Money saver!)

 Polishing everything up to have a finished sellable product!

 Simple steps to turn your new ebook into a money machine!

 How to create audio, video, and/or software products to either to add to your product or create additional products for even more money!

 Creating super profitable video products.

 Creating bonus products to sell more of your own product.

 Finishing up our product so you can sell it for cash!

Module 2: Setting Up Your Launch Pad 

 An entire overview of setting up a sales system

 Setting up the core of your sales system.

 Writing copy to make people buy your product

 Getting your sales page live and online to start taking orders

 Adding all the legal documents you need to keep you out of trouble

 Get your site live and taking orders right now.

 How to capture every customer and build a list of buyers that you can make money off of over and over again.

 How to make 33% more money without any more work. How to add an upsell to your product.

Module 3: Launching Your Profit Rockets 

 The best way to sell your product is to let affiliates sell it for you. This is where your business becomes autopilot.

 Overview of one of my affiliate hubs and how I use it to get tons of affiliates and tons of them promoting my products.

 Watch step-by-step as I build an affiliate hub for my niche businesses.

 How to train your affiliates to sell for you...

 How to motivate and get your affiliates to sell more for you

 Promoting your affiliate hub to continually bring in new affiliates to promote your products.

This is a one-of-a-kind hands on coaching program that's unlike anything you've ever seen before...

The Guru Blueprint Workshop step-by-step coaching program teaches you tested and proven techniques and methods for niche marketing success.

This program equips you with easy to follow video lessons, workbooks, mind maps, assignments, and more! You'll learn everything that you ever need to know about making money online!

All the way from product creation, including creating ebooks, audio products, software, and video products and setting up your marketing system, to getting affiliates and doing nothing but having them promote your product.

This is what's known as an autopilot income... :)

The Guru Blueprint Workshop is incredibly easy to understand and apply to your unique situation. It literally puts everything in a nutshell and plain and simple English for you!

In fact, the entire coaching program is broken down into three modules.

1. Creating Products

2. Marketing System

3. Getting Affiliates

...The 3 main elements you need for online success.

So why not get started right now... Others have paid anywhere from $47 to $97 to take this course, but you are getting access to EVERYTHING for FREE!

 Get Instant Access To This Life Changing Course Today!


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