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 Types of Resell Rights to Offer

You have two markets to target when you sell your E-books or information products.

  1. Consumers - people who buy your product for PERSONAL USE
  2. Resellers - people who buy your product to sell them off for a profit

People who do not pay much consideration to these two markets will make or break their businesses. You don't just slap resell rights on your product just because you want to increase the perceived value of your eBooks (you might actually lose more profits because you spawn more and more of your own competitors).

Beware that resellers can even sell your product for as low as $1.97 or $0.97 because of the nature of price fixing in the United States. Since you can't really stop resellers from going low, you might as well capitalize on their marketing efforts through back end sales.

When you sell your eBook, you must decide carefully what type of resell rights you are offering for your eBook depending on the niche you are targeting:

There are two types of Resell Rights, which are: Basic and Master.

  • Basic Resell Rights. You have the right to resell the product to your customers but your customers DO NOT have the rights to resell to others. In other words your customers will buy the product more for PERSONAL USE.
  • Master Resell Rights. You have the right to resell the product as well as pass resell rights to your customers (whether they are basic or master rights).

Here are some techniques on how to identify what type of resell rights to give to your products (or no resell rights at all).

Give basic resell rights when you have a hot, in-demand product where the information is cutting edge and more tailored for personal use but you want to reach out to a larger market and you want to protect your product from price cutting.


  • Make profits up-front by selling the book for a high price on the front end
  • Make profits by selling basic resell rights to resellers
  • Protect the perceived value of your products by giving basic resell rights ONLY to trusted and well-known resellers (who know how to market without price cutting)
  • Make other profits from back-end sales.

Give master resell rights when you have a product that you want it to go as viral as possible irregardless of the price cutting of other resellers. WARNING - only give master resell rights when you have a strong back end in place or else you will be wasting your content!


  • Make some upfront profits but focus more on the back-end
  • Create a viral marketing effect spreading your E-book and your name all over the Internet (especially through undercutting resellers)
  • Offer re-branding rights for your product to keep on spreading your back-end.

Give giveaway rights when you have a small but viral E-book to pass around for free! You won't make any money from the front-end but you will make lots of money on the back-end because you are encouraging people to giveaway the product for free.


  • Bring traffic to your back-end
  • Give other resellers an option to add your product as a bonus to the products they are selling. This will help them increase the perceived value of their products and spread your book and affiliate links to their mailing lists
  • Offer free re-branding rights to further enhance the viral marketing effect.