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Turnkey Magazine Publishing

Magazine Publishing Basic Pack

Magazine Publishing Marketing Pack


Just What Is A Turnkey Business?

Well, if it's done right, it's a well thought out set of materials that is pre-assembled to get you customers, get your business rolling and make you money asap.

The uniqueness of our TBMs is in the way they are designed to utilize the most popular and effective trends in internet marketing today. These days, if you want to become successful in your field, it's more about sharing than selling. So... not only do you want to provide folks with good information, but you want to provide it as cheaply as you possibly can. You don't want to give your stuff away (or you will wind up with a worthless list of freebie-seekers), but you do want to make it so affordable that no one will hesitate with second thoughts. Our TBM Basic Packs are ideal for this lead generation purpose. Everyone who snaps up your initial bargain offering leaves you their all important contact details in exchange!

And, while they have their credit card handy, our TBM Upsell/OTO Packs kick into gear, allowing you thank them graciously for their purchase and offer them the opportunity to customize their order with a tantalizing array of tightly themed goodies that greatly enhance the value and viability of their original purchase. The truth is, this upsell opportunity is genuinely a terrific deal, so it is a real "no brainer" for most folks to take advantage of it. And while this exchange will put some welcome cash in your pocket, the more important consideration here is that you are establishing for yourself a reputation for delivering generous value.

Our TBM Bonus Packs are the icing on the cake. The idea behind these offers is to take a good thing and make it even better. Your prospect has taken you up on your initial upsell offer, has grabbed all the great, related PLR articles and reports, Adsense sites, graphics and blog content that you offered and is feeling pretty darn good. They just made a great deal and they are excited about getting their hands on all their great stuff. Here is where you can take advantage of their heady emotion by stepping in and presenting an even better deal that will make them feel like they have really won the lottery! You say, "For only $10 more, I will double the deal I just made you!" What do you think the odds are that your customers would go for it? The fact is, they will feel cheated if they don't!

Now, some of our Niche TBMs have these Bonus Packs all made up and some of them come with just the Bonus site template, so you can be creative in supplying the products for these extra packages (or you can simply opt to do without them).

All of our TBMs, Niche and Internet Marketing, include complete Basic and Marketing Packages, the components (products, offer and download pages) of which are all pre-assembled into zipped files. All you have to do is download them, unzip the files, input your info into the TBM templates where indicated in blue and publish everything up to your hosting service. To keep things as simple as possible, all product download links are already included in the TBM templates, but you have the option of uploading them to your own sites as well. (Don't worry. Complete illustrated, step by step, instructions are provided with each package!)


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