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Turning Public Domain Works
Into Digital Products

We've become a digital world. Since the advent of the Internet, the cost of computers has steadily dropped, enabling the majority of homes in the world to own personal computers. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have your physical products in digital format as well.

Often, you will find public domain works in the offline world, and need to convert them to digital products. If you want to convert film, music, or sound bites to digital format, this is easily done with the right equipment, and pictures can easily be scanned. However, converting written work to digital format takes a bit more work. It has to be re-typed!

Since typing hundreds of pages can take a great deal of time, you may want to hire a typist to convert the work to digital format for you. Typists usually charge by the page or by the word, but the prices are usually quite reasonable and affordable.

There are also services that will convert film, music, and sound bites to digital format if you do not have the necessary equipment. Costs for this type of work vary depending on the media that is being converted, and how much of it there is to convert.

If you do not intend to use an entire work for your product, you can also choose to just have particular parts of the written work converted to digital format. This will save both time and money. Any pictures from the work that should be included can easily be scanned to your computer.

Once non-digitized work is converted to digital work, it can be edited and manipulated however you see fit. You can use word processors, graphics programs, and sound programs to make the changes that you desire, but if you don't have such software, or you don't know how to use it, you can also hire freelancing professionals to make changes for you as well.