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The Secret To in PLR Marketing

In most marketing endeavors the secret to success is 'hard work and long hours' but that isn't the determining factor between success and failure for Private Label Rights marketing.

Hard work and long hours can be invested in Private Label Rights marketing but without uniqueness they will be wasted.

Yes, being willing to work hard and being willing to invest as many hours as are required are both are essential to the success of all business enterprises. Those two factors are 'givens'.

Those who are lazy or unmotivated should just keep their day jobs and forget about empire building and fortune making because neither will happen without work and time investments.

However, hard work and long hours are not the deciding factor when Private Label Rights marketing is the endeavor.

Uniqueness is what separates success from failure.

The same Private Label Rights materials are made available to many people. Private Label Rights membership sites usually have limited memberships, that is true, but the membership is limited to as many as 350 people are more.

Let's say you belong to a Private Label Rights membership website with a membership that is limited to 350 people.

That means that you and 349 other people all have access to the same identical material. All of you can download and use it. This is where uniqueness comes into play.

Each person who downloads the material can edit it....that right comes with the membership....and just how uniquely you edit and use this material will be the determining factor of the success of your Private Label Rights marketing endeavor.

Private Label Rights materials should always be viewed as raw materials. They are not ready to use.

The right to edit always comes with Private Label Rights materials and that right is one that should be exercised so that your copy of the Private Label Rights material is made completely unique.

Titles must always be changed. This includes titles of E-Books, articles and reports. There are no exceptions.

The trick to changing a title and making it unique is a fairly simple one. Just use your very own name in the title and rearrange the way that the key words in the title are presented.

For example: if the title of a Private Label Rights E-Book that you have downloaded is, "Help Yourself with Self Help Techniques", change that title to, "Let John Doe Help You Help Yourself". All of the key words are still there but the title is uniquely your own.

This same uniqueness needs to be applied to all changes that you make in Private Label Rights materials that you download no matter how you are planning on using them to build your online empire and your fortune.

  • Always change the first sentence of every Private Label Rights product. Add your own key words. 
  • You can add your own original graphics to downloaded Private Label Rights materials. 
  • Add your affiliate links to Private Label Rights materials. The best two places in a work to add affiliate links is at the very beginning and at the very end but affiliate links may also be added in the middle of Private Label Rights materials as well. 

It is true that the internet is a big place and if only a few hundred people have access to the same Private Label Rights material that you have access to, that in itself makes the material fairly unique but not unique enough.

You must add your own flavorings to the Private Label Rights materials that you are going to use to build your online empire.

They have to be different from other offerings of the same material that are available even if that number is extremely limited.

Empires can be built and fortunes can be made using Private Label Rights materials but not unless you include one very important ingredient....UNIQUENESS!


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