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The Real Power of PLR!

Are you wasting your time and money? If you are marketing online without PLR, you might just be throwing away thousands of dollars every year by not having enough fresh products to both attract and sell your customers. Have you ever considered that if you focused more on getting new content instead of spending all your time marketing with the same old stuff you would probably have twice the customers and profits that you currently have.

But what are you supposed to do to get enough good content to resell?

Content creation takes time and resources that most of us just don’t have. What’s scarier is that you really have to be careful how you go about making your content. One low-quality release and your entire business could be in jeopardy. I know my own business is made up of almost 80% returning customers; if I give them a crummy product, they'll lose faith in me and I'll lose their business.

I’m assuming everyone who reads this already knows about PLR, but in case you’re new: PLR (Private Label Rights) products are products that you can buy pre-made from PLR providers and other Internet marketers. PLR is great because you pretty much have total control over the product once you get it; you can customize it and make it yours. The best part is that they’re usually ready-to-sell right when you get them, so the work you have to put into them is pretty minimal.

Of course, there's PLR and then there's PLR. Some of the stuff is great and some of the sufff is garbage, and you have to separate the good from the bad. One of the best providers of PLR (aside from us here at WOW) is Jeremy Burns who puts together impressive Source Code Goldmine packages once or twice a year.

I began buying Jeremy's products back when he first launched his first Source Code Gold Mine. I was amazed at the quality of the products in the package back then and I am just as impressed today with his high quality standards.

Jeremy's recently released Source Code Goldmine v12 has 10 excellent products. What makes them so impressive is that they’re very different products for very different niches, but they all share a common theme: improving one’s financial situation.

I could easily write 5 or 6 pages about each of these standout products but, for your sake I'll limit my reviews below to 5 of them:

  • Testimonial Confirmed (software)
  • Getting Facebook Traffic (2 Hour Video Training)
  • Instant Facebook iFrame Templates (FB templates and training)
  • Backlink Hurricane (Video Training)
  • List building Bully (eBook)


Testimonial Confirmed (software)

Is an ultra cool testimonial confirmation service. This new online business website will allow your customers to place a seal on their websites that you will provide to them confirming that all of their testimonials are 3rd part verified. They pay you directly for displaying your seals on their site. Very cool and super easy to run.


Getting Facebook Traffic (2 Hour Video Training)

This two hours training will teach you about using Facebook to drive traffic to any website you wish. You will learn the importance of Social marketing to grow your business and your brand.


Instant Facebook iFrame Templates (FB templates and training)

Have you seen all the cool new custom Facebook pages people have been setting up? Have you wondered how they do it? Well this is how... you get a cool new package of Facebook iFrame templates that you can edit to match your brand, and a training guide to show you how to set up your new Facebook iFrame pages. This products rocks!


Back Link Hurricane (Video Training)

We all hate the work involved in getting our websites to rank decently in Google and all of the other Search Engines. One of the best ways to get ranked fast is by having a lot of high quality backlinks pointing to your websites. This 2 hours video tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about getting backlinks fast!


List building Bully (eBook)

One of the most important parts of marketing any business online is the ability to build a big and responsive email list. This eBook will take the mystery out of building an email list. Soon you will be able to build an email list that will earn you some serious cash on demand every time you mail to it.

In case you're curious, the other 5 products you get are:

  • Automated Traffic Bot(Software)
  • Dot Com Cash Cow (Training Guide)
  • Flippa Cash (Video Seminar)
  • Social Niche Marketing Mastery (Training Manual)
  • Social Media Marketing Manager (Software, Training Manual, & Training Videos)

Great Stuff! Oh, and did I mention? For this v12 version of Source Code Gold Mine there is a "Done For You" option. You can have Jeremy's team install all 10 of your websites for you as an option!

The offer is limited though, so if you’re going to get a copy (Seriously, how could you not?) then you need to do so fast!

Grab Private Label Rights To 10 Hot New Products -
Source Code Gold Mine!

==>10 Products You Can Sell As Your Own
==>They Include Full Web sites
==>Full Sets Of Graphics
==>Full support to you and your customers

"They Are Selling Out Fast!"
Source Code Gold Mine v12