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Here's What Some Of Our Members Have Said About Us...




I never imagined how possible it was to get a very rich-content website that perhaps, will give me endless solutions to my websites contents and infoproducts that I have been having serious problem of contents-deficiency.Now, I don't have to worry about content problem anymore. Thanks to wow content club.


-- Abdulsalam Kola T.


I didn't hesitate to join Wow Content Club.  I have honestly never seen a content resource like it. I belong to a number of membership sites after many years of marketing and most of them are a rehash of one or another. 


Wow Content Club is different.  The kind of top quality content is just wonderful to see.  There are more products including videos and software than I've seen elsewhere and also more original products than I've found anywhere else.  Not only can you use the content in your marketing but you can also create an instant estore and sell every single product on the site.  I find it extremely easy to navigate through WOW as you can search for products according to a niche or according to the product type that is. 


I 100% recommend WOW content club and I'm sure you will too as soon as you dive in swimming in a sea of top quality products that you can use in your marketing today!


--Colleen Slater



There is so much great stuff in this website that I will never run out of help to make my products better.  I have already used a lot for help in writing blog posts and even more I will use to make my own products. 

This is the best web site I have seen for PLR and it has so much.  I am a lifetime member and I love it.

-- Catherine Guhl


Hi Gail,


I only became a lifetime member recently and at almost 70 years I’m hoping to get value for money.


Whatever subject or content I look for on your website I always find it in copious amounts and generally of good or excellent quality.


It’s good to just be able to find everything in one place and I wish you and your company all the best for the future. Your innovation is cool.


Other inferior websites should beware!!


Chris Holdsworth
United Kingdom


Dear Ms. Buckley,


My name is Deborah Vores.  I have been a King Content Member since the beginning in February of 2010.  I signed up and paid $ 299.99 for a lifetime membership as soon as you began accepting members.  To be able to access your website at anytime and download whatever I need at the time was well worth the investment.


The wealth of information you have on your website is amazing.  So far I have only downloaded content for my personal use.  It has been very helpful to have all of this self improvement information in one place.  I have been inspired to share the content I have received from your site.  Presently, I am working on a website dedicated to self improvement and self healing techniques.  It is not yet live but will be soon.


Also thank you for all of the other information you have on your website.


Sincerely yours,

-- Deborah Vores


Hi Gail,

Literally for years now I have been promising myself I would start an online business, and for just as long I have been letting life get in the way and putting it off.

Truth is I just didn't know where to start. What kind of website should I set up? Where would I get my content? Who would see it? How would it actually make any money? I was a little overwhelmed to say the least!

Yes I have interests in my life but nothing close to being an expert in, so how the heck could I come up with enough content to "fill" a website, and then to continually update it? I had considered using PLR as a means of adding relevant content, but there never seemed to be enough. I could find the odd ebook or maybe a dozen articles to work with in any particular niche, but then what?

Then I found WOW Content Club. WOW! A seemingly never ending resource, not only for content but all the templates, themes and tools I think I will ever need. It's almost too much;-)

To join as a CONTENT KING member was just a no-brainer. This is simply ridiculous value for money. Thankyou so much.

Now, where to start...

-- Bruce Dinsdale

I've been a Content KING member of The WOW Content Club for about a year now. There was no question in my mind that becoming a lifetime member was the only logical option to choose.

There are countless PLR/Resale Rights/MRR product memberships, and then there is The WOW Content Club, which also contains nearly all of what can be had from other sites. However, A Content King Membership stands out so uniquely that there's no basis for comparison--it's simply a "must have!", period.

And, now I see that you'll soon be offering diagrams, flowcharts & such. You have no idea how far and wide I've looked for this exact (and, yes I do mean "exact") content to add visual interest within the educational materials and other information products that I write as an original author.

This is sheer brilliance on your part to take notice this need and fill it!

One last thing... The "In It To Win It" InfoMarketing Blueprint Course is just what the doctor ordered for Newbies and struggling Internet Marketers alike.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

-- K.D.,

WOW Content club is absolutely amazing as it pertains to quality content. I continue to find sweet little gems hidden inside the folders. I've actually lost sleep downloading, reading and grinning. 

It's exactly the type of information we need to build a database of content for our customers. I searched other sites and none come close to WOW Content Club. This site sets the bar as it pertains to information, quality products, videos, etc. I commend Gail for her diligence to continue to provide what her customer needs.

The "New Additions" alone are worth the membership fee. My only regret is my initial skepticism after visiting some shyster sites... I hesitated and purchased a shorter membership plan. Please don't make the same mistake I did... Bite the bullet, pay the cost and get the lifetime membership, because it'll probably take you that long to get through all the info provided on this site.

-- T.M. Davis


"What a site!!! I've never seen anything that even begins to compare to what you are offering."


-- Glen Mentgen


"Just love your site! -- you have re-defined "over-deliver."

-- Daisy Matthews


I've subscribed to many membership sites but wowcontentclub was the perfect solution for my project needs. Everything was organized with it's own categories.


Thank you for this great opportunity. You have a great selection at an affordable price.


-- Rozlyn Flowers


My comment about your site is that it is so impressively stuffed with information and content - that's why I joined as a life member.
In the last couple of days I noticed a new site and was tempted to join that too, but decided there's really no need because WOW has so much good info.  I am particularly looking forward to receiving your niche domination packs.
If I HAD to make any suggestions for improvement, in order to help and not to criticize, they would be only very minor... like perhaps putting the left hand column in alphabetical order for quicker reference? and similarly on the right hand column adding links to the icons for quicker access. 
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the blueprints this month.  They will really help with 'information overload' and who knows how much more...

-- Hils

The name really says it all… I was already a member in two other competing websites and thought I had access to it all, but it was only when I joined wow, that I really could capitalize on PLR.

--Pål Juritzen,

As I am beginning to search and download stuff I am interested in, all I can say is WOW! What a great resource… thank you all!

-- Garth Anderson

I recently subscribed to your Premium Membership. One word sums up my experience, "WOW"! indeed.

-- George Chan,

In recent months, I have joined -- and in some cases "un"-joined -- several content sites, from public domain to niche to more general material for use in e-zines or even e-books. I've been pretty happy with most, vaguely unhappy with some, seriously disappointed with one or two. But I've only been spectacularly happy with two -- and WOW certainly lives up to its title as one of those. Actually, it far exceeds every expectation. There is no question you have set the standard by which all other content sites now will be judged, a standard so high, I rather doubt most of them will be able to take you on. Which is great for the rest of us, of course.

I'm still putting the final touches on my own new site, which I hope to launch very soon; the content I have acquired from WOW already has made it a much better, far stronger offering than it would have been just a few months earlier. With the full expectation that relationship will not only continue, but grow stronger, I want to thank you for what you have created and wish you all the success in the world with it and your plans to make it better. After all, the better WOW becomes, the better my site almost certainly will become.

-- J.R. Wilson,

"I'm enjoying my WOW membership already. You have an unbelievable range of product which will keep me content site building forever I think!"

-- Alan Allport

There is so much information that let's say for the next 2 months I will be busy reading through all the info that is available. That is if I really could put in more than 6 hours a day... No, I am joking, but there is so much information that sometimes I feel like the little girl in the candy shop. Wanting it all.

I am a newbie to the ebusiness world and Gail's club really allows you to take an intensive course on all the topics that one needs. If one is really serious about getting started on the internet I highly recommend you become a member. I started 2 month ago and at present I am trying to digest all the information. Call me an ebook junkie. You do get a good feeling on what is selling well on the internet and you do find some real jewels from well known "internet gurus" in the collection.

-- Bianca Baust

Your 'WOW Content Club' is much more than just another club offering resale rights. When I studied what you have available to members, I must say I was truly impressed. And that does not happen much these days.

Your site is sure to help all marketers - both veterans and green
internet marketing newbies. I like the fact that you have already done most of the hard work for them.

As I stated on my own website, "Why re-invent the wheel?"

I am recommending to all my members that are serious about marketing on the internet to check out your membership before you close the doors.

Keep up the good work!

-- Mike Filsaime,

I just had to write and tell you how excited I am to have joined up with WOW. I thought Christmas had come when I found you, I was that impressed. I simply could not believe how much value you are giving your members for their money! I spent hours looking around the net for something like this to join and I can tell you that absolutely NOTHING compares!

The look of the site is great, the style is unique, it is very user friendly and you have catered for absolutely everyone. As if that wasn’t enough, it gets even better! I simply can’t wait to hear that you have launched your WOW Empire Program! I have seen the samples of these sites and they are fabulously content rich with lots of opportunities to make multiple streams of income.

I also want to extend a BIG thank you to you Greg for your outstanding after sales service. You responded with lightening response to my email enquiries and you definitely know how to ‘go the extra mile’ for your customers! WOW is a priceless resource that everyone should have and I am going to make sure that everyone I know has it too!

I feel proud to be a member of WOW. This membership is the platform from which I will be launching my own empire!

Thank you for people like you! I wish you both a HUGE success.

-- Carrie Lynne,

I have just joined your 'wow' product club and I'm very impressed. Thanks for putting it all together. I can cancel my other site memberships now, they don't even come close. My new website is to be launched very soon ( and these amazing resources are going to make it so much easier to complete and keep fresh.

-- Theresa Evans, UK,

I just wanted you guys to know how much I’m enjoying my WOW membership. Before I found out about you guys, I had quite a dilemma! I knew that niche markets are the key to success online but I still needed an education in internet marketing, so I’d know how to market to those lucrative niches.

So, unfortunately, my plan of attack was “split” down the middle. I needed access to internet marketing materials, but I also needed to begin to build my niche market materials. I had a “dual budget” thing going on. Half for niche products, half for internet marketing products. I shopped around for membership sites in both arenas and found out that they were anywhere up to $197 a month! FOR EACH ARENA!

I was totally bummed out. Given my (puny) budget restrictions, I might have had about six bucks left over for incidentals (such as website hosting, autoresponder, advertising, promotion, etc.). But then I found you guys! I couldn’t believe it. Niche products, internet marketing products, public domain products… over 30 products A MONTH (and counting)!

Well, I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and joined up. Now I can pursue my niche markets and still slowly build up to rubbing shoulders with the “big boys” in the internet marketing arena (and save a lot of money on the way). You guys roll out products every month that I had planned on spending my hard-earned cash on before, but I don’t have to! You SAVE me money every month. I am so glad I’m a member.

Anyway, you guys are “tops” in my book. I like your style!

-- Eddie Gilbert, Cleveland, OH,

I was new to internet marketing and looking for content that I could both learn from and resell to get a business going. Somehow I stumbled on Wow-Content and boy am I glad I did! This site is really the mother-lode!

At first, I was skeptical. I've tried other sites and gotten nothing but a pile of worthless, out-of-date ebooks. But I was impressed that the folks at Wow Content let you browse their vault before signing up. And when I found a number of recent ebook and software packages from big name gurus, I was sold. I would have paid more to purchase just one of these packages. But for the price of one month's membership, I had access to dozens of valuable resources for my own use as well as full resale rights. It's really a no-brainer, the value and the potential are tremendous!

I'm also happy to report that the owners of Wow Content, Greg and Gail, are real people, and they've both been very helpful in responding to my emails and helping me get started getting the most out of all the site has to offer. In sum, Wow Content has greatly exceeded my expectations in terms of value and customer service. For anyone interested in internet marketing, this should be the first site you go to.

-- Gene Chamson, Oakland, CA

I have purchased a few niche products over the last month or so, and I must say when I ran across yours, I was amazed. You offer far more than others I have seen for as much as a third of the cost.

Yours is so much more than a couple niche product categories and some articles, you include real products to sell AND recommended affiliate products, so I don't have to search for the right product to front end if I don't already have one. Based upon what I have seen out there, I would have paid more for yours, much more. I am glad I got it before you came to your senses!

-- Jeff Dodson,

I just want to let you know that your site is absolutely fantastic. I have so much fun working with all information, software, ebooks,etc. that you provided.. and put them together as packages for my customers.

You are great and have been very helpful when I have any questions on how to do or what to do with load of information from your site. Anybody in this information and contents businesses should be your member! Thanks so much.

-- Nisa Srivorakan

"... I was already glad that I was a member, but then I saw the extra bonus package (talk about over-delivering!). That IS an AWESOME bonus package! In fact, there are several products you brought out this month that I had put in my budget to buy at some future time. So I guess my membership actually SAVED me some money. Can't beat THAT!..."

-- Eddie Gilbert, Cleveland, OH,

Love the website - I keep passing on buying packages and e-books and even single payment membership web sites as I know that your site is up to date and full of info. It's the best content site that I have found. It also has the best tech support!! :) Thanks again, Sue

-- Susan Bernau,