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NICHE TOPIC: Public Speaking

Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

Learn How You Too Can Become A Public Speaking Master and Mesmerize Your Audiences Without Fear Or Hesitation!

Spoken language is a fundamental element of human relationships. The ability to use words effectively can help you achieve great things in life. Oral presentations are the cornerstone of human interaction on a large scale and they also have a profound effect on intimate interactions as well.

At one point or another, we’ve all had the deal with that big time fear of speaking in front of people. Nearly everyone has that public speaking phobia to some extent.

Some of us do anything we can to avoid speaking in front of people such as miss meetings, call in sick, ask someone to do the presentation for us, etc. But the truth is, we NEED to speak in front of people every chance that we can so that we are noticed and regarded as a top dog in the company.

If you are someone who is crippled by your fear of speaking in public, fear not... this guide is here to help. In it you will learn:

  • The True Source Of Your Public Speaking Fear & How To Combat It Once And For All!

  • Why It’s Important For You To Become A Good Speaker And What You Can Expect In Your Career As A Result!

  • How to Become A Great Presenter In No Time Flat Using These Simple Steps For Confidence!

  • Wow Your Colleagues And Viewers As You Give An Energetic And Informative Presentation!

  • How to Unlearn The Public Speaking Fear That You’ve Been Carrying Around With You For Years!

  • Where To Get The Assistance You Need To Break Through Your Fear Of Speaking In Front Of People!

  • How to Develop An Unshakable Confidence When It Comes To Presenting In Front Of An Audience!

Many people are able to overcome their fear of speaking in front of an audience in spite of its seemingly overwhelming nature. The process begins with a strong understanding of how public speaking functions.

This text focuses on defining public speaking in a way that can help you get a handle on your fears. It is also designed to help you create strategies that will give you the means to create an effective oral presentation whether you are directing a video conference or giving a toast during a special occasion.

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From Tongue Tied To Articulate: 3 Simple Steps to Public Speaking Success

The Easiest Way in the World to Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking

Is your fear of public speaking preventing you from reaching your personal and professional goals?

Want to know the number one reason people fear public speaking? You may be surprised to learn that public speaking is not by nature stressful (even if YOU may think so). Every day people speak in front of others without a glimmer of stress, stage fright or anxiety.

In fact, as human beings we are PROGRAMMED to speak naturally, with calm, with ease. Every human has the ability to instill confidence and interest in those around them.

So why would one have difficulty speaking in any situation? The secret of public speaking is so simple; I am going to give it to you free. If you want to eliminate your fear of public speaking, all you have to do is this:

  1. Eliminate all doubt you have of your ability to succeed.

  2. Remove any foolish notions you have to speak perfectly to succeed.

  3. Stop thinking of yourself as a speaker (I’ll explain this later…).

  4. Adopt a humble and humorous approach to speaking in front of large and small gatherings.

I know, it sounds too good to be true… right? I know, I’ve been there, but I am here to tell you there are simple techniques you can learn overnight to enhance your public speaking ability.

The fear of public speaking can be very real, and comes from an emotional fear that is often embedded deep within our subconscious. To release your inner fear and bring out the natural orator within, you have to follow 4 simple steps I talked about above.

How do you do that? Simple...

"From Tongue Tied To Articulate" teaches you how to overcome your fears of public speaking using common sense strategies, strategies that dig deep within your subconscious to unlock your fears of public speaking.

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The Public Speaking Guide

Public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone.

Wouldn't it be nice if, instead of turning to jelly, you could learn to enjoy speaking in public, writing your own speeches and presentations and most importantly, getting your thoughts across in a calm, assertive and impressive manner?

Imagine yourself at your most confident in public. Perhaps it's just a few confident words in front of your team at work or maybe a large presentation to a new customer. Maybe you have to give a best man's speech or say a few words at an important event. The chances are that at some point in your life you are going to be involved in public speaking.

If you can learn to overcome your fears and become confident in this area then just about anything is going to seem possible. It could alter the way you think about yourself, the kind of jobs you apply for and your skills in other social settings.

"Just say yes! You Can Do It!"

"The Public Speaking Guide" covers every aspect of public speaking, from the practical details of presentations to the psychological issues of inspiring an audience.

Insightful and compelling, this is both a handy resource for information on the public speaker’s most pressing questions, as well as a primer for those who are new to the field. Every chapter is full of expert advice and practical information.

If you are looking to overcome your fears of speaking in public once and for all, this is the solution for you!

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Say A Few Words -John Williams

Whether it's at a Webcast, a Seminar, in a crowded meeting room or a high priced fundraising dinner, some day the public speaking bug is going to bite you.

Will you be ready? You can be.

Discover the tips, tricks and techniques to effectively getting your message across painlessly and effortlessly. "Say A Few Words" will show you how.

Written by the well known magician, author and presenter John Williams, he explains the butterflies as big as buffaloes and how to capture your audience. Find out how right now. 

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Streamline Your Communication - Bernard Andersen

Are you saying what you mean? Are you meaning what you say? Do you find social conversation impossible to engage? Are your attempts at written communication lackluster, to say the least?

Our author tells us that, "as you age and your communication skills develop, the chances are that you will fall into the largest group of humans on this planet – “nice people with less than perfect communication skills.”

For whatever reasons, your communication style is the result of how your communication skills were developed. Discover how to brush up long forgotten skills or even develop new ones. Verbal, non-verbal and written communications can make or break our social and business lives.

“Streamline Your Communications!” is just what you need to sharpen your skills and get rid of some bad habits. Habits that just might be holding you back personally or professionally.


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Silent Signals: Body Language for the 21st Century (Audio Bonus Included) - Ward Oxley

How to Be a Body Reader

It is possible. In fact you can become such a good "body" reader, people will think you are a "mind" reader.

What kind of advantage do you think you would have if you could read the boss's mind?

How would your life be affected by an ability to negotiate in your own best interests every single time?

Have you ever considered how pleasant your life would be if you could avoid all those pesky negative situations that come up?

Well, you are on your way to becoming the best mind reader you can be. But, you're going to do it by becoming a body reader instead! It's really easy once you know how. Learn more about it here.

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Boost Your Confidence! How to Succeed at Being Yourself

How To Build Up Courage, Boost Your Morale, and Live The Life You Want With Unshakable Confidence!

"Boost Your Confidence! How to Succeed at Being Yourself" will teach you how to overcome your shyness and how to remove all your doubts and fears.

This book will give you a higher degree of self-esteem in every aspect of your life if you practice and master the thoughts written within.

Once you begin accomplishing things and gaining the respect of others by being confident, you'll be able to focus more on what you truly desire in life.

You'll have more passion and determination because you know that you are capable, and that you truly deserve success.

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Practical Ways To Conquer Fear (Audio Bonus Included) - Mark Hamble

Are You Afraid? If so, just what are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of failure? Are you afraid of rejection? Are you afraid of pain?

If you know that you are afraid, you've won half the battle.

Do you have any idea how many people go through life not understanding that their lack of success boils down to nothing more than a fear of something? That's a pretty sad fact, but it's true!

If you recognize any fear or lack of success in your own life, then you owe it to not only yourself but the people who depend on you to get some answers! And, you need to get those answers sooner rather than later!

Don't let a life of success and happiness pass you by just because you are riveted by fear. You can change. You can do it without spending thousands of dollars on shrinks who string you along with visit after visit.

Want to find out how?

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The Power of Laughter - John Williams

Picture this. You're standing around the water cooler at the office, sharing comments about last nights favorite sitcom.

Here comes "Joe the Jerk," the buffoon of the office staff. He butts in with yet another of his off color jokes.

Sound familiar? Unfortunately "Joes" abound all around the globe.

If you have ever wanted to become a good "jokester" here is your chance. We aren't talking about another overdone joke book. We are talking about exploring the anatomy of a joke and learning the basics of joke telling, plus a ton of terrific jokes.

Nowhere else will you find a guide that will teach you "joke etiquette."

Whether you are already a good storyteller or someone who would like to learn how to develop and deliver a joke repertoire, there is something for everyone in "The Power Of Laughter."

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