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These are great books on all manner of topics within this niche.We areoffering them at a price far below their actual value (quality and information wise), so they are a real steal for the bargain conscious.


These books and reports are great to use for research and to become an expert in your niche. You do not have resell or private label rights to any of these products in their original state.


And they are terrific to use as guides to creating your own product or articles. Remember, as great as PLR articles are, if you want to be sure that the content on your website or in your products is unique and of high quality, you have to rewrite them. The content in our special value selections is of the highest caliber so, although you will still have to rewrite it if you want to use it as your own, you are starting off with the best of the best.


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NICHE TOPIC: Health & Wellness

Sub-Topic: Digestive Problems



Controlling Your Acid Reflux Once And For All

After Years of Suffering, the Day Has Finally Arrived: Become the Boss of Your Acid Reflux and Incinerate the Pain that Has Kept You From Enjoying the Foods and Activities You Love So Much!


Here is the inside scoop on what you will learn when you pick up this tell-all guide:

  • From the tips of your teeth to the bottom of your stomach and beyond, discover the 7 debilitating conditions that leave almost no digestive organs unharmed!

  • Turn to page 7 to learn about how the 4 major functions of your digestive system work in synergy to digest the food you eat, and how this efficient "chain-reaction" gets interrupted and causes the searing, burning acid reflux you are all too familiar with!

  • But if you turn to page 12, I'll disclose the 5 most commonly diagnosed digestive disorders that accompany acid reflux, along with the treatment information you must know to eradicate them completely!

  • Whether it's brought on by a spicy, heavy meal or stress at work, heartburn is the bastard child of acid reflux that affects virtually everyone. But on page 16, I'll reveal the NUMBER ONE cause of most cases of heartburn as well as the 4 other most common causes that can be TOTALLY controlled by you!

  • If you're ready to put a stop to these painful attacks once and for all, turn to page 18, where I'll reveal the 11 symptoms of heartburn... and if you experience ANY of these 6 dead-serious symptoms disclosed on page 19, you need to get a doctor ASAP!

  • Everything you put in your mouth matters when it comes to controlling acid reflux, and on page 23, I'll reveal the drinks, fruits, vegetables and meats that can be the direct CAUSE of your acid reflux.

  • We'll also go through the expert methods used by countless acid reflux sufferers to control their symptoms WITHOUT giving up the foods they love!

  • Obesity is an epidemic that affects over 60% of Americans, and while you're probably thinking, "What does being overweight have to do with it?," if you flip to page 30, I'll unveil an eye-opening, endless scroll of diseases that are directly affected by weight - and the devastating TRUTH about what it means for your acid reflux!

  • Without a doubt, you've probably heard about - and felt! - the connection between stress and acid reflux, and on page 43, I'll expose the truth behind stress and its sinister ability to intensify your acid reflux to excruciating levels you don't even want to THINK about!

  • Sorting through the supermarket's endless selection of Antacids to find a legitimate cure can be like digging for a needle in a haystack. But before you pop a single antacid tablet or syrup, you MUST direct your attention to page 48, where my no-holds-barred "Special Report" is sure to stir controversy within the billion-dollar antacids industry!

  • I'll uncover the truth behind these deceptively simple remedies, including the chemical combination to look for in a legitimate product and the 5 little known, but potentially deadly side effects the greedy medicine marketers DON'T want you to know about!

  • Also, you won't want to miss the stunning truth about how antacids can actually stop your guts up like a sludge-filled motor-engine, making your acid reflux even WORSE!

  • If you'd like to take control of your searing acid reflux and return to those days when you could eat your favorite foods without worry, then my exclusive "10 Step-Cure" revealed on page 52 will hold your hand on the way to a life free of those corrosive burps of stomach acid...and most unbelievable of all, these steps are startlingly simple to follow by ANYONE!

  • ...And you can't afford to miss the 7 Golden Lifestyle Changes detailed on page 60 that are praised by acid reflux recoverers high and low! 


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How To Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Definitive Guide To Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, also known as IBS, is a condition in which the bowel does not function as it should. If you are one that has been diagnosed with IBS, then there is a real need to find the help to relieve the symptoms you are facing. If you haven't been diagnosed yet, it is time to consider heading to the doctor if you do feel that these are things happening to you.

The problem is that many medications for IBS are not all that safe and do provide some harsh side effects. Is there a way to safely manage IBS symptoms? How do you go on with your every day life without having to worry about these symptoms?

What's even more difficult for those that are suffering from IBS, they don't like to talk about their condition. After all, to many individuals, talking about the bowel is not something they want to do.

The good news is that there are some effective means that can help you to relieve the pain and uncomfortable-ness that you face due to IBS. In this e-book, you will learn how to manage the symptoms of IBS that seem to control your life to make them livable.


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Your Guide To Colon Cleansing - Peter Mason

Colon Cancer. Are you at risk?

According to MSNBC News "Colon Cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States."

Further, "150,000 Americans will be diagnosed with the disease and 60,000 will die from the disease this year!"

As if that isn't enough for you, compacted waste in your colon can sometimes add up to as much as 5 pounds or more!

If you or a loved one have ever suffered from gas, ibs or constipation you need to know what is happening inside your body.

The symptoms may appear to correct themselves, but have you really removed the root cause of the problem?

Probably not. Don't become a statistic because you are too embarrassed to discuss a problem.

Get the answers now and find out if you need to seek out professional help.


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1O DAY DETOX: How and Why to Detox

Learn What Millions Of Others Have Discovered About Detoxing, Cleansing And Bringing Back Your Vitality Once And For All!

Detox, or to give it its full name 'detoxification' has been around since humans first became civilized and is a very natural way of getting rid of harmful pollutants that may have built up in our bodies.

You absolutely can reclaim the youthful energy that you once had many years ago without any major changes. You can eliminate aches and pains almost effortlessly while also strengthening your body against further illness.

The truth is revealed in the "10 Day Detox" eBook. You’ll learn the secrets that millions of people across the world have discovered about cleansing their bodies. Things like...

  • Find Out Why Most Detoxes Don’t Work And How You Can Avoid Certain Detox Failure!

  • Learn The Truth About Food Choices And Cleansing That Most People Just Have No Clue About!

  • Discover The Safe And Easy Way To Clean Your Body Without Taking Drastic Measures!

  • Increase Your Energy Without Taking Tons Of Pills, Powders Or Disgusting Drinks!

  • The Secret Foods That Taste Delicious But Secretly Infuse Energy Into Your Body Automatically!

  • Adding A Whole New Level Of Energy To Your Daily Routine That Makes You Super Productive & Tightly Focused!

  • The Do’s And Don’ts When It Comes To Cleansing And Exactly What You Need To Pay Close Attention To!

Sometimes people are scared of 'detoxing' because they think that it will mean going without food for the entire process and existing only on water with the occasional shot of lemon juice. But this is not the case. Detox is simply a way of cleaning out your body, helping to give the internal organs a little breathing space, so that they can recharge and continue to operate as they should.

In this book you will learn just how to detox safely, with minimum discomfort, so that your body becomes clean, pure and is returned as near as possible, to its optimum state of well being.


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