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These are great books on all manner of topics within this niche.We areoffering them at a price far below their actual value (quality and information wise), so they are a real steal for the bargain conscious.


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NICHE TOPIC: Health & Wellness

Sub-Topic: Health Care


The Layman’s Guide To Animal Assisted Therapy

Discover How AAT Can Help You Lose Weight, Overcome Phobias, Treat Your Addictions AND Help You Take Responsibility For Your Life In A Positive, Non-Invasive And Easy-To-Follow Way

Did you know pets have been used as powerful healers for centuries? The human animal bond has existed since the dawn of time, something the ancient’s used for centuries to promote natural healing and self-discovery. And now you too can benefit from this extraordinary talent!

Only recently have scientists and researchers begun to explore the many ways animal assisted therapy or AAT can change lives. Can AAT change YOUR life? You are about to find out...

Animals are more than simple creatures – they are healers with the ability to light up the lives of those who benefit from their warm and gentle caress, or their supportive embrace.

"My dog saved my life. I didn’t realize it at the time, but looking back, without my trusted and beloved pet, I may have lost hope, lost the power and motivation I needed to live my life. Jake was more than a friend. He was my trusted companion during a time of dark depression.

His secret? Love and affection. Companionship and his relentless, undivided attention. To this day I hold him to a pedestal. Wouldn’t you do the same?"

When described this way, animals sound – almost human…

So what EXACTLY am I talking about. What IS AAT really, and how can it help you or someone you love? "AAT – The Layman’s Guide To Animal Assisted Therapy" has the answers.

Find Out How Animal-Assisted Therapy Is Changing Lives And Healing People, One Step At A Time!


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Today's Caregivers' Guide: A Guide for the Preparation of the Inevitable

More than 40 million people have difficulty taking care of themselves without assistance due to health problems and disabilities. Another 12 million are unable to attend school or perform any meaningful work and require full-time assistance. Are you taking care of one of them? Will you be in the future?

If you are or think you might be a caregiver in the future or know someone who is, this must have manual is for you!

"Today's Caregivers' Guide" is a nuts and bolts guide that will help prepare you for the long road ahead. This guide addresses situations and circumstances you might not have considered but which could very soon become a part of your everyday life!

Here's some of what is included:

  • Siblings may have a hard time working together during this time. Here are some ways siblings can communicate with each other without anyone getting their feelings hurt.

  • Often, caregivers are thrust into the caregiving role with little, if any, advanced warning. Learn how to prepare for the days, weeks, and months ahead and how you can organize your new routine to make things easier for everyone concerned.

  • Don't forget about entertainment! Both the caregiver and the recipient can benefit from various forms of entertainment even when disease is present. Here are some ideas.

  • Caregivers need all the help they can get! Here are the top ten tips for caregivers culled from the experts!

  • Working and Caregiving? See page 30 for coping strategies!

  • Keep your home and family intact! Try these easy to implement strategies to communicate with other family members while you're caregiving!

  • Other family members may not realize that their roles may also need to shift while you're giving care to another. Here are some specific ways other family members can help!

  • Are you the friend of a caregiver? Here's what you can do to help!


No one person can do it all and that includes you! Realize that unless you're taking care of yourself first, you'll be ill equipped to care for another!

One of the most important things you can do as a caregiver is to allow others to help! "Today's Caregivers' Guide" will help you to manage the challenges unique to caregiving!


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