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Simple Sales Systems 

Selling Your Products Online 

You have a fantastic product or offer that you're incredibly excited about introducing to your market. You've spent time and money developing it from the ground up, and now you're ready to reap the rewards. 

The only problem is -- how will you sell it? 


There are literally hundreds of sales and payment processing companies online to choose from, but not all are created equal and in many cases, the best payment processor for you will depend solely on the type of product you are planning to sell to your market.   


The great news is that there is no shortage of options, and regardless of your platform, your product type or your market, there is a powerful payment and delivery system that will work for you.    


In this special report, we drill down into the heart of the top payment processing solutions online so that you can quickly evaluate what provider is the best fit for you and your business.


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When it comes to selling digital products, there are few marketplaces that rival the pioneer of payment processing, ClickBank. 


With ClickBank, you can sell information products in many different formats, including ebooks, videos, training programs and even membership based websites.   


With a low cost start-up of only $49.95 that is payable only after your account has been approved and you have set up your first product, ClickBank is one of the most affordable and easiest options available to information marketers'.  ClickBank serves as an intermediary between your customers and your company. 


There is another reason why ClickBank is quite often the preferred choice of online marketers.  They offer a powerful affiliate suite that allows you to set up high powered affiliate campaigns both as a marketer, and as an affiliate yourself.   


You can set your commission rates, form an affiliate army and maximize your exposure instantly.  Better yet, ClickBank handles all of the payment processing, ensuring that your affiliates are paid on time - every time. 



·    Instant affiliate program for every product you sell. 

·    Quick and easy approval for all types of information products. 

·    Low cost merchant account. 

·    Regular payments, available via check and EFT* (on approved accounts) 

·    Manage multiple products from within one administration centre. 

·    Prompt support for all inquiries. 

·    Option to set up upsell and one time offers with "one click" payment processing. 

·    Option to set up recurring membership based websites. 

·    Easier to sign up affiliates as they trust ClickBank and know that they will be paid for all of their marketing efforts. 

·    Trusted payment processor with a solid history and a strong focus on Internet marketing products and material. 

·    One time set up fee is payable only after your first product has been approved and ready for placement within the marketplace. 



·    Payments are issued only monthly unless you've received three consecutive payments.  After which, you are able to request direct deposit for all future payments. 

·    Higher "per transaction fees" than traditional merchant accounts. 

·    While you can feature many different products under one account, only one main hop link (direct URL) can be included for each account, so you'll want to set up multiple ClickBank accounts for any major launch. 


Recommended for: 

ClickBank is best for those with individual products, rather than a merchant store wishing to offer a shopping cart system.

Note:  There are no costs associated with becoming an affiliate within the ClickBank marketplace and acceptance is automatic. This eliminates the need to sign up for individual affiliate programs, and because of this affiliates are drawn to the ClickBank marketplace, where they can instantly search for quality products to promote, making ClickBank one of the most lucrative sources for direct access to experienced and qualified affiliates partners. 


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Ejunkie is a simple, yet very powerful shopping cart utility for online businesses and merchants.  With e-Junkie you can choose from a variety of subscription packages that allow you to sell up to 1,000 products, all for one low monthly fee.   


E-junkie also gives you the opportunity to set up an affiliate program, where you can set a flat rate or percentage based commission offer on all of your products, or customize your commission offer per product.  You can create your own customized affiliate page and link to it, or use E-junkies affiliate link creation page and direct all potential affiliates to their site. 



·    Affordable and easy to integrate into any website. 

·    No "per item" fees. You pay only one monthly fee regardless of quantity sold. 

·    Instant protection for your products. Ejunkie will create encrypted download links for all of your products. 

·    Works with ClickBank, Paypal, 2Checkout,, Google Checkout, and more. 


·         If you aren’t interested in a “shopping cart” format, you can simply create individual purchase links that work in the same way as Paypal “Buy Now” buttons, directing customers through Paypal where they make their purchase and then automatically redirected to E-junkie where they can access their purchases. 

·         You can assign a coupon that works for all of your featured products, or assign a discount coupon to individual products. 

·         Their transaction fees are lower than nearly any other payment processor, charging around 3% per sale rather than 7% or higher like the majority of merchant accounts.  

·         E-junkie doesn’t charge based on per unit sold but rather a flat rate monthly fee that varies depending on the number of products you are selling and the space needed to house your products. 


·    No direct integration into autoresponders, making it difficult to capture leads or build a list of customers'. However, E-junkie will keep a log of all purchases made, including your customers first and last name, and email address so you can download a copy of the database from within your E-junkie account at any time. 


·    e-Junkie is NOT a stand-alone payment processor, but is a shopping cart service provider that works to deliver your information products using many different payment processors including Paypal and 2Checkout. 


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By far the most recognized payment processor of them all. Paypal is a trusted source for payment processing and has been in existence for over ten years.   


With Paypal, you are given the option of creating a personal account or a business one. A personal account should only be used for personal purchases or for a low level of activity. If you plan to sell your products via Paypal, you will want to create a Business account so that you're able to sell under a business name, with no maximum transaction limits. 


Paypal's fees are reasonable and while they are a bit higher than that of a traditional merchant account, you are able to set up an account within minutes, unlike regular merchant accounts that require a consultation, paperwork and approval.   


With Paypal, you can add up to 5 email addresses under a single account, giving you the opportunity to manage multiple businesses under one account.



·    Guaranteed approval. 

·    Reasonable transaction fees. 

·    Easy integration into any website. You can sell individual products, membership accounts, or even set up a shopping cart system with Paypal's easy integration options. 

·    Recognized payment processor, trusted by customers'. 

·    Instant access to your funds. 

·    Fast withdrawals to any bank account. 

·    Debit cards available to U.S residents. 



·    Higher fees than most traditional merchant accounts. 

·    Restricted product types (no adult content allowed, etc) 

·    Requires verification, which includes adding a bank account and credit card that is up to date. 


Amazon Kindle 

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If you are selling information products such as books, tutorials, and how-to guides, you can open the doors to an ever-growing audience just by featuring your products within Amazon Kindle's marketplace! With Amazon Kindle, you could start selling copies of your product instantly with no marketing effort on your part, as Amazon is the leading information marketplace online for both physical and digital products. 



·    Free setup and instant approval. 

·    Low fees. 

·    Payments are distributed monthly via check or EFT (USA bank accounts only for direct deposit options) 

·    Instant up to the minute stats. 

·    Unlimited products per account. 

·    Mass exposure for all of your information products. 

·    Option to add your products to "Kindle Select" for maximum exposure. 



·    You will need a USA bank account (domiciled within the United States) to be able to receive EFT payments; otherwise you will be sent checks. 

·    Amazon Kindle does not accept private label content. All of your information products must be original and exclusive. 

·    Requires an ITIN, EIN or SSN in order to receive 100% of your income, otherwise you may be subject to a 30% tax withholding. 

Create Space 

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CreateSpace works similarly to Amazon KDP except it focuses on distributing physical products to the masses. If you have an information product that could easily be transformed into a physical ebook, Create Space is a simple, affordable and powerful option for maximizing exposure easily. 



·    Guaranteed approval. 

·    No start up fees involved. 

·    Complete training center that provides you with the information you need to create, publish and distribute your book. 

·    Fast and easy distribution within the Amazon marketplace. 



·    Requires complete product design, including front and back covers. 

·    IBSN required. CreateSpace can provide you with one but one it is assigned to your product, it cannot be removed. 

·    Restricted to physical products only.  

·    Requires an ITIN, EIN or SSN in order to receive 100% of your income, otherwise you may be subject to a 30% tax withholding. 



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LuLu is CreateSpace's direct competitor, a popular book aggregator that offers the option to create print, "on-demand" physical books for direct distribution both on their website and via other networks including Apple's iBookstore.   


With low start up costs, exceptional support and a simple system designed to help you get your products into the market quickly, it's a great choice for information marketers' who are interested in selling both digital and physical products. 


Top Features:

·    Free set up. 

·    Guaranteed approval. 

·    Direct distribution to major networks including Barnes & Noble and Apple. 

·    You can create products in many different formats. 

·    Pays monthly via Paypal (or quarterly for check payments) 

·    Convert ebooks into ePub formats at no cost. 


Book Baby 

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Book Baby makes it easy to sell your books and information products online.  Acting as a distribution agent between your company and popular retail outlets including Sony, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Amazon, you are able to maximize your products' exposure instantly. 


Book Baby charges a flat-rate fee upfront, taking nothing from individual sales.



·    Fast and easy distribution to all major retailers, giving you unbeatable exposure. 

·    Book Baby will convert your information product into all popular formats, including .LIT, .MOBI and .EPUB 

·    Book Baby passes on 100% of the retailer's wholesale cost to their authors. 



·    Higher upfront costs.  Book Baby charges between $99 and $149 per title. 

·    Annual fee of $19 required in order to keep your titles in print. 

·    Costs $19 for an ISBN for every title. 

·    Additional costs for extended features. Book Baby's standard fees include text-only ebooks so if you wish to add interactive elements such as graphics, charts, tables, or multimedia features such as embedded video or audio, additional fees apply.

Recommended for:  Authors and information markets who can push out a significant volume, offsetting Book Baby's higher upfront fees. If you are able to sell a high volume of books, you will quickly recoup your investment with no further charges regardless of how many copies are sold. 


Tip: For a low cost alternative, recommended for new authors who are unsure of their potential sales volume, we recommend SmashWords available at  


SmashWords will distribute your books to all of the major retail outlets (with the exception of Amazon) with fees set on a "per sale" basis, so you are only charged whenever a product sells. No upfront fees involved - guaranteed approval. 


CD Baby 

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CD Baby offers indie labels and bands the opportunity to distribute their music to an ever-growing audience without having to deal with common distribution problems or high upfront costs.   


CD Baby lets you set your own prices, paying you weekly for all sales. In addition, their fees are far lower than the majority of mainstream distributors. 



·    Fast and easy distribution for unsigned artists, new bands an indie labels. 

·    Weekly payment options available. 

·    Higher profit margin than through traditional distribution deals and contracts. 

·    No contracts required. 

·    You can sell your music both in digital format, or as a physical product. 




·    You will need to promote your music in order to maximize exposure. While CD Baby will do their best to showcase your music, direct promotion is key in building a loyal customer base. 

·    No distributors are allowed, so you can only join CD Baby if you are an independent musician, band or label. 



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One of the premier shopping cart solutions, 1ShoppingCart offers feature laden packages that include everything from automation, product protection to direct response email marketing and list building. 


Their packages are affordable, and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. 


Top Features: 

·    Powerful packages that offer everything needed to build a solid business online. 

·    All in one account that offers everything from shopping carts, product protection to built-in list building options. 

·    Low cost provider. 



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If you are looking to attract affiliates who will promote your products, DigiResults is one of the leading options for instant commission programs. With DigiResults, you're able to offer affiliates instant payments on a split-fee basis, making it easy to build an affiliate army to promote your products. There are no costs involved in creating a DigiResults account, and you are guaranteed to be approved. 



·    Powerful opportunity to build an affiliate army by offering instant split-commissions. 

·    Customize your affiliate options by offering products that pay out anywhere from 50% to 100%! 

·    Easy way to build a list by networking with affiliates on a 100% basis. Create a "loss leader" product where affiliates earn 100% of each sale and collect leads through your back-end system. 

·    Your affiliates are paid directly, so you never have to worry about issuing commission checks. 



·    Less exposure than with larger marketplaces such as 

·    Marketplace structure. DigiResults has very few assigned categories, focusing instead on their simple on-site search utility. 

·    No recurring product support. DigiResults is based on a one-time purchase basis. 



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If you want to push your physical products out in front of a global audience, there is no easier way than with EBay.   



·    No upfront or ongoing costs. You pay a fee only when your product sells. 

·    Mass outreach. EBay is still the largest auction style community online. 

·    Opportunity to enhance your listings with a focus on branding (You can customize your listings with their HTML editor) 

·    Payment protection. You are guaranteed to be paid for all sales. 

·    Very easy, set up. Choose to list via a traditional auction-style format, or "Buy It Now". 

·    Simple, step-by-step listing process guides you every step of the way. 

·    Option to re-list any unsold items. 




·    Requires a verified Paypal account. 

·    High level of competition. 

·    Customers' are often looking for "bargains" and lower cost items. 

·    If you create auction style listings, it can take up to 10+ days to finally sell your product. 

·    No flat rate fees. Final fees are based on how much your item sells for. 



JV Zoo 

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JV Zoo offers an all-in-one solution for selling information products. There are no out of pocket costs or upfront fees involved in becoming a merchant through JV Zoo, and with their on-site marketplace, you can quickly build a customer base at no cost. 


·    Instant payment creation tools.  You can choose from a variety of pre-tested buy buttons and instantly embed the code into your webpages with no technical experience or knowledge needed. 

·    Instant List Building Technology makes it easy to build a targeted list of customers'. 

·    Instant Digital Delivery with built-in product protection. 

·    Instant Payments - JV Zoo works with Paypal, so you will have instant access to your earnings. 

·    Instant Affiliate Program - makes it easy to recruit your affiliate army. 

·    Dime Sale Options - You can set your price structure however you wish, including on a dime sale basis, which sets your initial price and continues increasing after every sale (or after a specific number of products sold). 

·    Integrates with warrior special offers (via 

·    Instant tracking and real time stats including direct sales and affiliate performance data. 

·    Instant sales page generator helps you create sales pages instantly without any HTML knowledge needed. 



·    Requires a Paypal account as JV Zoo processes all payments directly through Paypal. 

·    Unable to add multiple products to a single download page. 

·    Products can be up to 128mb in size otherwise you will need to host them on your own server. 


Last Minute Tips 

When choosing your payment processor, you should also consider the following: 



It's always easier to encourage customers' to purchase products from a payment processing solution that they already use, and trust.   


Companies like Paypal, ClickBank and 2Checkout are all recognized leaders in payment processing, reassuring your customers' that their personal information is secure and because they already use them and are familiar with them, they know what to expect, including how and when to expect product delivery. This will decrease the number of abandoned carts on your website.   


In addition, because your customers' will recognize the charge on their credit card statements or Paypal accounts, it will decrease chargeback and refund requests. 


Simple Integration

Your payment solution should offer the option to streamline the process of accepting payment and delivering your goods. You also want to look for payment processors that offer the opportunity to collect leads, follow up with customers' and connect with your customer base.  Depending on the type of products you plan to sell, you will also want to make sure that your payment solution easily integrates into your template, navigational system and that you're able to customize the checkout process so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to further brand awareness.

Real Time Stats

If you choose to process payments directly through a company like Paypal, you'll be given instant access to your funds and your customer records. However, if you use an alternative payment provider that sells products on your behalf, such as ClickBank, you will want to make sure that you're given real time information on sales, refunds and customer inquiries. 


Low Cost 

If you are selling information products, you'll want to choose a payment solution that is affordable and is based on either a flat fee, such as with e-junkie, or who charges a low fee on a per item basis.   


Also keep in mind sale minimums that may be required in order to maintain your accounts, or be given access to lower fees.  All professional payment providers will offer you a complete overview of any hidden charges, minimums and maximums, so be sure to read the fine print prior to integrating any option into your website. 


Dispute Resolutions & Refunds 

It's important to fully understand a payment processors' dispute and resolution system.  What are the terms regarding refunds? How are complaints and refund requests handled? Are you given the opportunity to dispute charges, or to follow up directly with customers'?  You will want to carefully investigate all of this prior to signing on with any processor.  Make sure that you are not charged fees for refund or settled disputes and that your merchant account won't be at risk. 


We hope that this special report has given you the information you need to move forward. Choosing a payment option for your website and products is one of the most important aspects of building a fluid, simple and well managed system for your business. Best of success!