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Keywords describe what your site is all about. Without keywords, no one will find you on the web.

Keywords are important for search engine listing and ranking, but without the right content to support them, they can do more harm than good.


On the other hand, keywords are often where you begin in brainstorming ideas for what you want to create a product, website or blog about.

You can use keyword lists to do market research and see at a glance whether there is enough interest in your topic for you to pursue it.

The slide show below may trigger some ideas. It shows you 665 Hot Topic Keyword Lists in 32 different niche categories. (You'll probably want to view it in full screen mode).

Remember, these are just the list names. You can download all 665 keyword lists in .xml format by clicking the Keyword Lists link below.







Keyword Lists


 Google Keyword Tool


 Keyword Research PDF


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Here are some of the Multimedia Keyword Research Resources You Will Have Access to As a Member.

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