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Resell Rights Profits

There are massive profits to be made on the Internet. Most of them revolve around the million dollar industry of selling information products in the form of eBooks.

The purpose of this article series is not to cover everything there is to know about making money with ebooks, there are dozens and dozens of books on this site that can give you an in depth education on that. Rather, our intent here is to share our expertise in the resell rights arena and help YOU to create runaway autopilot riches without chalking out a single word of your own in terms of product creation.

Before we jump-in, we must outline our reselling strategy with care. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step - so we must make sure we begin our first step in the right direction. Remember, our goal is financial freedom - achieving autopilot, recurring income long after you stop marketing.

When you are selling your books online, always remember that due to the nature of price fixing, resellers can legally 'break' terms and conditions by selling a product much cheaper than the original price. There is nothing we can do to stop this sort of undercutting but rather, we can capitalize on it

Always remember, you must adopt the mentality of abundance when it comes to being a reseller. Try to go as high ticket as possible instead of undercutting other resellers. The reason why the majority of resellers sell low is because they have the scarcity mentality. They are so poor at marketing that the only way to make money selling products online is to go as low as possible.

This is a very absurd strategy because the whole purpose of running a business is to buy low and sell high! These resellers buy high and sell low instead.

When your books are priced too low, it is counter-productive because it degrades the perceived value of your eBooks. Your customers will think that the product is worthless because of the way you are pricing your products.

Besides you might have to work 3 times or even 100 times harder for the same effort (an E-book is worth $97 and you sell at $0.97, you will have to work 100 times as hard to make the same amount of profit).


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