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Resale Right Products

These are exactly what the title above says; products you can resell as your own or, in some cases, give away.

Two types of rights are offered: Master Resale Rights, meaning you can resell the resale rights to the product, and regular Resale Rights, meaning you can resell the product itself, but not the rights to it.

Almost all of these products include ready to sell websites and custom graphics.
They are great to use as stand alone products, bonuses for other products or as opt-in lead generators.
If you plan on bundling them as a bonus, just make sure that you abide by the author's terms.

What You Get in a Typical Package:



NICHE TOPIC: Beauty & Anti-Aging

Sub-Topic: Hair Concerns


Hairdo Holy Land

As though we might not get adequate age betrayal from our faces, necks and hands, now we have to fret about it from our hair. However with these tips, you’re aging locks will go from a boring gray to a healthy (vernal) shine!

Having hair like a famous person doesn't call for lots of cash, but lots of work is demanded.

This eBook will show you exactly what what you need to do to get a killer hairdo!

Inside you will learn all about:

  • Hair style basics

  • Best styles for an oval face

  • Best styles for a long face

  • Best styles for a square face

  • and much more!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights to this eBook In PDF Format, along with a collection of Marketing Materials and Professional Graphics.



Caring For Your Hair

Easy Steps to Caring For Your Hair - The Best Organic Hair Care Lines!

Don't let yourself get caught short with dull color and unruly hair.

So, you want great hair, but you also want to be eco-friendly, and not spend too much. Aren’t you picky! Absolutely not! You are many organic or eco-friendly hair care lines sought after consumer. Want to know some of the easiest steps for caring for your hair? Let go! Try letting go of a few of your hair products, or routines and give your hair a break!

Your hair is often the thing that many people, including yourself notice first. If you have a bad hair day, it can literally make you have a bad day. If you do not feel comfortable with your hair, whether it is cut, color, style, or condition it can bring down your self-esteem and it is noticeable. Many people want to be able to have better hair care, but feel that many of the great products are just too expensive. There is a solution for that: make it at home! You will not be sacrificing the quality of the product either, simply because it is homemade. You may find that these homemade products give you a better result than the most expensive salon products.

Product Rights:

You ReceiveMaster Resale Rights To This Package. Includes eBook , Pre-Written Sales Letter, AND Professionally Designed Graphics.



Natural Treatments For Dandruff

Stop Your Scalp From Snowing! Finally - A Real Cure for Dandruff!

No medication! No weird cures! No messy creams, smelly solutions or strange diets!

Are you sick to death of being sold products that could make the problem worse? Are you sick of the shampoos and conditioners that make your head smell like sulphur? If so then try a permanent revolutionary treatment for dandruff!  

That is a lot of people dealing with a dandruff problem. If you are reading this, chances are that you are one of the millions of people who suffer from this annoying affliction.

Learn exactly what you could be dealing with as you try to manage your dandruff:

  • The actual medical definition of the condition and what it is!

  • The basic physiology behind what makes your scalp shed flakes in the first place

  • Whether or not your dandruff is genetic (inherited)

  • How skin cells on the scalp become abnormal to cause the condition in the first place and how to prevent this

  • Why it is actually normal to experience a certain amount of dandruff

  • What is the normal rate that your scalp should be shedding skin cells?

  • How an oily scalp might play into causing a bad case of dandruff

  • What constitutes a severe case of dandruff

  • When dandruff actually constitutes a medical problem and needs treatment

  • How you can tell whether or not your dandruff symptoms are actually caused by Seborrhoeic dermatitis which is a disorder that can affect the face and body as well

  • How you can tell whether or not your dandruff is caused by scalp psoriasis which is characterized by angry lesions that appear along with the flakes of dandruff

  • How to tell if your dandruff is caused by a fungal infection

  • How to tell if head lice is present and causing your bad case of dandruff

  • The dandruff and Malassezia Yeast connection

  • The common misconceptions about what actually causes the condition

  • How non natural treatments work to try and control the condition

  • How chemicals like ketoconazole, selenium sulfide and pyrithione zinc work to manage the condition

  • What kind of side effects (including hair loss) you can expect to experience using these shampoos

If you suffer from dandruff, I would like to congratulate you for grabbing your copy of "Natural Treatments For Dandruff," because this one simple act represents YOU taking a big step forward towards taking care of what basically amounts to being an embarrassing social problem.


Product Rights:

Includes Master Resale Rights, PDF doc, sales letter and custom graphics.



Action For Female Hair LossAction For Female Hair Loss

It has been estimated that 10% of all women experience some kind of hairloss. This little book gives lots of practical information about the causes and treatment of alopecia.



Natural hair Re-Growth & Your Diet - By Michael E. Hodge © Natural Hair Re-Growth & Your Diet- Michael E. Hodge ©

If you suffer from BALDNESS, THINNING HAIR, ALOPECIA OR PREMATURE HAIRLOSS OF ANY KIND, you will probably have discovered by now that most treatments are inconsistent or slow. Over 7 years of research has gone into this honest, scientific account of how to achieve genuine hair re-growth.

Discover why you need to do more than "just rub on the cream" and find out how your diet affects your chances of hair re-growth. Learn how some sufferers have achieved dramatic re-growth using inexpensive natural treatments and follow your own unique success program for maximum results. Included are 7 tried and tested natural formulas for hair re-growth. Evaluation Copy Only.



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