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Public Domain Works:
How to Get The Most Out of This Windfall Resource

Using public domain works to quickly develop new information products is one of the great "secret strategies" in Internet Marketing today. It is also one of the least used strategies... Do you LIKE leaving money on the table?! I certainly don't.

Imagine having free, unlimited usage to over 85 million books, millions of pages of government reports, millions of photographs, movies and more, LEGALLY in any manner you choose without the obligation of paying royalties to the creator of the work. This is what makes the Public Domain so appealing for developing your own information products.

What is public domain... and why should you care?

The phrase "public domain" naturally conjures an image of an area open to the public. It's logical to guess this phrase refers to community parks, playgrounds, unprotected natural land (if there's any of that left), and structures like malls or downtown squares. Any place a bunch of folks can get together without danger of trespassing or loitering accusations might be a "public domain."

However, this phrase also refers to a specific body of intellectual property. Books, music, movies, images and photographs whose copyrights-the little law that makes Bill Gates grin every time somebody says "Microsoft"-have expired, or which were never copyrighted in the first place (at least before 1989) are officially considered "public domain." They belong to the public, and any person may use their contents in any way they choose.

Bottom line: When the copyright or patent expires on a creative work (book, work of art, etc.), anyone may freely use that work... for any purpose!

Why should you care? Because knowledge of public domain works, blended with a little business savvy and entrepreneurial spirit, can make you money...whether you're just looking for some spare cash, or the fortune you've always dreamed about.

So why isn't EVERYBODY hopping on the public domain bandwagon? Probably because a lot of folks just aren't clear on the rules. A lot of folks don't really know what is and what isn't in the public domain, and what exactly they are allowed to do with public domain works. That is why I have created this tutorial. To help clear the air.

Let's begin simply by clarifying...


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