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Proven PLR Profit Strategies 

Spawn Products with Full Master Resell Rights

A salmon swims upstream, spawns and then dies and that is very much like what happens to private label products if they are not used correctly.

Private Label Rights materials that you either already own or can obtain are the raw materials of wealth... you just have to put them to work.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that all Private Label Contents are not created equally. You need to be able to identify what is great and what falls far short of that goal. Great Private Label Rights material is material that is:

  1. Relevant: The material must be relevant for you and/or for your list.
  2. Accurate: The facts in the material must be accurate.
  3. Original: The material must be completely original.
  4. Timely: The material must have up-to-date information included.
  5. Useable: The material must contain information that is useful and useable.

Once you have laid your hands on some great private label materials, the next trick is to make them swim like a proverbial salmon up a stream of changes until they spawn new products for you....products which you can sell yourself and give full Resell Rights with as well.

Private Label Rights material does not come with Resell Rights ordinarily. Sometimes Resell Rights licenses can be purchased but even that is not a common practice as it devalues the Private Label Rights material.

Private Label Rights materials are simply raw materials to be used to spawn new digital products. Private Label Rights materials can be edited.

You are given that express right with the purchase of them. It is a right that you should exercise to its fullest extent and keep the word 'uniqueness' in your mind as you make changes.

1. The first thing to do is to change the titles of all Private Label Rights materials that you own. This includes articles, E-Books, reports, etc. Every single title needs to be changed and you should use this editing right to put your name or company name into the title of the material if possible.

2. The second thing to do is that if the material is in the form of an E-Book, is to change the cover.

3. Make changes to the text of the private label material. The changes do not have to be extensive; just replacing a word that is used often in the work with a synonym is sometimes sufficient. You do have the right, however, to rearrange chapters, add to the work or subtract from the work.

4. You also have the right to add graphics to the text.

5. You may add affiliate links. The best places to add affiliate links is at the beginning of a work or at the end of a work or both.

Now you have a brand new digital product or even many new digital products. It or they belong to you and you can use them in several different ways to make money.

Here are just a few ideas but you can most likely come up with some others of your own:

1. If one of your new digital products is an ebook, you can offer the book for sale and include master Resell Rights with the purchase. There are many internet business who are solely based upon the resell of digital products.

2. If your new digital products have been changed into a series of articles or even a short instructional course, you can offer them for sale as a package and also include master Resell Rights. Those who have E-zines or newsletters are always in search of packages of materials that can be loaded into their auto responders.

3. If you have a great many articles which you have changed sufficiently, they can be offered in packages of 4-6 or 8-10 and also include master Resell Rights.

4. If you are selling digital products of your own now, you can include your new product that you constructed from Private Label Rights material as a back-end product and even charge more for it that you did for your own original product.

5. You can use any of the above methods listed and if you include re-branding as well as master Resell Rights, you can charge a great deal more money.

Spawning new digital products by using Private Label Rights material is a smart, quick and very, very effective way to build your own credibility in the world of Internet Marketing.

You have the ability to brand yourself. Becoming a recognized name in your particular niche will increase your income in direct proportion to your credibility.

The better known you are, the more what you have to sell is worth and the more people are willing to pay for the digital products that you have for sale.

Most people are either too lazy or simply do not know how to use Private Label Rights material to make money and to increase their own brand recognition or promote their own credibility.


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