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Private Label Plunder



Private Label Content is everywhere. You can find everything from ebooks to complete "business in a box" packages focusing on everything from micro niches to mainstream markets.

The problem isn’t in finding PLR.  The trouble is in knowing exactly how to make money with it!


We've personally used private label content in many different ways over the years, and if done correctly, PLR can ultimately maximize your income with very little effort on your part.  


However, before we begin, it's important to understand that not all private label content is created equal.   


The key to making money with PLR is to choose the best quality content possible.  You then make simple tweaks to the content and overall packages, and in the end, you end up with a polished, market-ready package that your customers will gladly pay for. 


Another important part of making money with PLR is in understanding your rights as a license holder.  With PLR, there are many different licenses and rights offered, as well as many different restrictions.

For example, certain private label content is allowed to be resold with rights, meaning that you can choose to pass on PLR rights to others, who can then do the same. 


Other PLR releases actually prevent transferring licenses, which is usually the kind of PLR you're looking for if you plan to sell the content yourself because with the restriction of distribution in place, fewer people will have access to the content and even fewer will have the opportunity to sell it. 


Also keep in mind that MRR and RR is quite different from PLR.  


With MRR, Master Resell Rights, you are often allowed to sell the content with personal rights but are not always given the source code, which means you may not be able to edit or rebrand the content under your own name or brand.   


With RR, Resell Rights (otherwise known as Resale Rights), you are usually given the option of reselling the product but again, are not given the opportunity to edit the material. In other cases, you are restricted to setting certain prices on the material, not being allowed to price it lower than the minimum. 


So whenever you purchase PLR, make sure that you completely understand your rights as a license holder and that the developer not only enforces their rights but that they offer them in a PLR license file for future reference. 


The "cream of the crop" as far a PLR goes, are those releases that are offered as "Exclusive Offers". With exclusive licensing, only a certain number of resellers are ever given the opportunity to sell the content, which prevents over saturation in the marketplace.   


When purchasing PLR, you should always have a plan in place for every package you purchase. One of the biggest mistakes that both new and seasoned marketers make when buying PLR is in "overstocking".  


What happens is that you end up buying too much PLR at once without any real idea as to how you'll use or monetize it and in the end, you end up with a hard drive full of content that you'll never use.  Or, by the time you end up formulating a plan for the content, it's outdated and no longer in demand. 


So, start off with a simple plan of action with a clear idea in mind for every PLR package you purchase.  If you buy an ebook product, consider adding it in as a bonus item to enhance the value of another product, or if you purchase a series of PLR reports, consider forming a compilation that offers a full-scale tutorial program.

There are many other ways to make money with PLR content.  Here are a just a few to get you started: 



So you have a ton of PLR on your hard drive. What can you do with it all?  Form a compilation! 


Gather up all of the PLR content that you have on specific topics, making sure that you follow a theme.  


For example, perhaps you have a large assortment of PLR on Weight Loss. You could create a complete collection or package that offers buyers a wide variety of information, all focusing on lowering weight.  The same goes for IM or business topics.   


Create compilations, collections, or a series that offers a full scale, comprehensive package on any given topic! 



Bonus items increase the perceived value of products and launches, which is why you've likely noticed that most of the large scale product launches offer a bundle of them. 

Affiliates also use bonuses to entice potential customers into purchasing through their affiliate link.  This is just one simple way that you can use PLR content to maximize your income! 


Consider purchasing PLR that forms as an auxiliary component to a major product launch's overall theme or topic, and then offer it to customers who purchase from you.  


For example, if you plan to promote a product launch on blogging, you could purchase a variety of PLR material ranging from Wordpress themes to pre-loaded blog posts and offer it as a value-enhanced bonus for anyone who purchases through your link! 


Main Products

Believe it or not, you can also use private label content as the core of your primary products.   


While you will want to tweak and enhance the products so that they suit your own style and represent your brand, there is no reason why you can't use PLR as the foundation in which to develop a series of information products.

The objective is to be very particular with the type of PLR you purchase. Focus on credible PLR developers who offer ongoing support, and who hire only qualified freelancers. The higher the quality of the content, the less work will be involved in tweaking or improving it, so keep this in mind when choosing your content.  


Quite often, you should expect to pay more for quality! 


Warming Up The Market

Private label content is also extremely valuable at warming up buyers (pre-selling) as well as building and monetizing a list.   


In email marketing, one of the most important components is in providing regular updates and value to subscribers. It's also one of the only ways to retain subscribers as well as build valuable relationships with those on your list. 


So, use private label content to power up your mailing lists! 


You can do this by breaking apart article content, or publishing PLR content as blog posts and then notifying your lists of your recent update. You can also use PLR reports as incentive offers on your squeeze pages, to entice visitors into becoming subscribers.

Further, you can use PLR to provide regular, weekly follow up emails that contain pre-written autoresponder messages, enabling you to put your email marketing on complete autopilot! 


There are many other ways to use PLR to both build a business and extend your brand and outreach. 


Making money from direct product sales is only one of the ways where private label content becomes incredibly valuable, but you also need to focus on building a name and a brand all your own.  PLR content can make all of this very easy (and affordable). 


For starters, you need to develop an online presence if you haven't already, and for many newcomers, this begins with a blog.  As you probably guessed, maintaining a blog can be a tremendous amount of work, so we turn to PLR content as a simple way of powering up our websites with months worth of content and blog posts ahead of time! 

What this means is that you can literally set and forget your websites, while ensuring that your visitor's are always given fresh, new content on a regular basis.


Since websites running on software like Wordpress can be set up to deliver content at pre-determined times or dates, you can simply load up your website with 4-5 months of content using PLR articles and blog posts and let it run on its own!   


And for yet another incredibly powerful way of making money with private label content, is to start a membership site, specializing in a certain niche topic, this affords you residual income.


The problem is you have to have a constant supply of content to keep it going, but that needn't be a problem - especially if you are a member of a huge private label content site like WOW.


I've given you many different ideas as to how you can begin to use private label content to build your business and maximize your income. Your next step should be to acquire the highest quality content possible, and to develop a plan of action for every package you purchase.  


Never let content run cold, because you're only wasting your money.   


Instead, create a simple plan that incorporates private label content, and start making money!