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Private Label Overdrive



Do you want to make money quickly, easily and with little start-up costs involved? 


One of the secret weapons of both gurus and seasoned marketer's is in exploiting existing content to fuel their marketing campaigns. With this unlimited source of high quality content and material available to you, you'll finally have little difficulty building a profitable business online. 


And if you're like me and you've already started to build a website or jump into some of the most in-demand niche markets online, you'll quickly discover just how much faster and easier it is once you've unleashed this powerful weapon. 


If you're brand new and you haven't yet begun to build the foundation for your online business, you'll be given a tremendous head start that will transform the way you create your websites, campaigns and offers. 


There's really never been anything like this, and once you've entered this unlimited library of tools, content and resources, you'll find yourself miles ahead from where you are now, and your income will skyrocket right along with your progress. 


This special report was designed to give you a real advantage over the competition that is forced into expensive outsourcing or a time-consuming "development" phase that never ends.  With the information contained within this guide, you'll have a complete blueprint that will guide you along from start to finish. 


So, without further delay - let's start making money with private label content! 


Getting Started With PLR 

When it comes to private label content, your options are virtually unlimited and it can become overwhelming when you're searching for the best content and material possible.  Plus, if you aren't quite sure HOW to use private label content, you'll wind up with a hard drive stuffed with a ton of content that you really don't need (and will never end up using). 


You've heard the term "information overload" and it usually applies to newcomers who are caught up with an abundance of material and training only to struggle to piece it all together.  


They chase after every opportunity that lands on their lap and because they're never focused on one solid plan of action, they discover far too late, that they've wasted a tremendous amount of time and money. 


When it comes to purchasing PLR for your business, you can end up in a very similar situation if you're not careful to purchase only what you need and only what you'll use immediately.   


This might sound like common sense, but once you begin your journey into the vast world of PLR content, you'll find yourself absorbed in the exciting opportunity to grab a massive amount of content and resources that you "might" use later on. 


That's not what I want you to do. Instead, I want you to purchase only what you will need and have a plan for in the immediate future. In other words, when you purchase private label content, you need to be able to put it to use right away, or within a few days from now.   


The only exception is if you stumble across an amazing deal that is only available for a very limited time.  Otherwise, we are going to focus on purchasing only PLR in which we can begin monetizing right away. 


So, how are we going to turn private label content into cold, hard cash?  Let's take a look at the top 10 ways to profit from PLR!  


Content For Traffic:  More Traffic = More Money 

We all know that the more traffic we have, the more money we're likely to make.  So, how are we going to maximize our traffic volume so we can skyrocket our income?  We're going to convert content into cash! 


Private label content is incredibly valuable when it comes to building websites that offer 'sticky content'.  Sticky content is information, tools and resources that will keep your visitor's coming back to your site time and time again, and when they do, you maximize the chances that you'll turn these visitors into repeat customers! 


There are many ways in which you can use private label content to fuel your blogs and websites, including by repurposing article content into feature stories for your website or blog posts.   


Before you scout out quality private label content, you will want to conduct simple keyword research so that you can optimize the content for the search engines. 

This includes: 


·   Implementing keywords into article titles.

·   Optimizing content by including keyword phrases and terms throughout the content body. 


·   Adapt the private label material so that it highlights and focuses on primary and long-tail keywords 


·   Inject keywords into your webpage or blogs description, Meta Tags and within all internal linking.* 


*Internal linking with keyword tags is called "anchor text," and it helps carry a relevant and consistent theme throughout your website. This, in turn will help search engines identify the topic of your website and will essentially boost your search engine ranking for those select keywords.  


You can find keywords, and also find out how much traffic volume they can offer you, for free, just by using Google Keyword Search Tool available at


All you're looking for are keywords that target your niche market and carry a high to medium level of traffic volume.  Don't spend a lot of time on this step! 


You just need to begin creating a keyword swipe file that consists of relevant keywords that you can target within your website's content pages.  Try to come up with 15-20 keywords per website. 


Once you have your keyword swipe file, you can begin to put private label to work by first going over the content, quickly tweaking it if needed and then inject your keywords into the title of the page and into the body of the content itself.  If you plan to monetize your content with affiliate products, you will also want to add in your affiliate links (middle and end of your content page) and use anchor text, linking to outside websites with keyword tags. 


For example, if you were targeting the keyword "Work From Home", and you were promoting a work at home eCourse, you might implement a link using anchor text such as "Work From Home" or "Work At Home" or "Home Based Work", depending on the keywords you are going after.   


When building your websites, one of the easiest ways to get started is by using Wordpress.  With Wordpress, you can set up full-featured websites on the fly without ever having to know any HTML or programming.  Just upload a copy and optimize it for the search engines using a series of free tools and plugins. 


There are many different ways to monetizing Wordpress based blogs with private label content.  You could transform PLR material into dynamic audio recordings and offer it for free, or as a paid product on your website.   


Your audio recordings can be turned into full-length podcasts and offered as a bonus for your main product, or as part of a free gift for subscribing to your mailing list. You can also upload your podcasts to iTunes to drive in even more traffic from your content for free!

You should also exploit the popularity of video content by using private label content as the script or foundation for your video campaigns.   


Video campaigns tend to convert very well, as they transform static websites into dynamic, action-driven presentations that push through your message in a powerful and direct way.  You can use the power of videos to build a recognized brand, invoke emotions that trigger action, and solidify your website in the minds of potential buyers. 


Create simple video presentations from existing PLR content (you can even find PLR videos that can be easily edited to include your website’s URL) and upload it to high traffic video community sites like 


Short videos help keep the attention of your viewers and will engage your audience in a powerful way.  Just keep your videos short (3-5 minutes is long enough) and provide a direct link back to your website.   


You could also use "teaser videos" wherein you offer a part of the video on sites like but in order for your viewer to download or view the full-length video, they have to visit your website and subscribe to your mailing list, or complete an offer (a great way to monetize with CPA network offers!). 


Video marketing gives you the unique opportunity to really communicate with your audience.  You can find out what truly motivates them, moves them, and forces them into taking action, in a way that static marketing campaigns rarely offer.   

If you don’t already have a copy, you can Google and download the “Easy Video Player.” This software makes it incredibly easy to implement videos marketing, into your sales pages and websites.


Consider that you can use private label content to create videos for other campaigns as well, including within your sales copy, within your launch sequence to warm up your audience and to develop a positive brand for your business. 


You can also use private label content as the base for a full training program. Since you can purchase pre-created video tutorials and guides, you could compile them into one full featured training course and sell them on your website! 


Videos help to increase the overall value of your products and even your brand’s image.  Instructional reports can also be transformed into comprehensive video tutorials using tools like PowerPoint, Live Action or Screen Capture Video programs, instantly increasing the perceived value of your products! 


If you are using a PC, chances are that your computer is already equipped to create high quality videos. However, if you want more control over your videos as well as the opportunity to optimize and edit your video presentations, you might want to consider downloading a free trial of Camtasia or CamStudio. 


If you are on a Mac computer, you can take advantage of full-featured video creation and editing tools such as http://www.ShinyWhiteBox.comand 


The possibilities are endless, and with private label content powering your traffic campaigns, you'll finally be able to generate unstoppable traffic to your website absolutely free! 




Building Relationships: Better Relationships = More Money 

There is nothing that will skyrocket your income and maximize your sales, like being a solid, recognized brand and a leader in your market.  This is why it's critical that you begin to build relationships with your website visitors and subscribers from day one. 


You need to communicate your brand message consistently, so that new visitors and subscribers are given an open channel in which to communicate with you in return.  One way of doing this is by using private label content, to form the basis of your free content library. 


The more you give away, the easier it is to build a brand as an educational source of quality content.  You can do this a number of different ways including rewarding return visitors with bonus tools, information and resources, as well as by offering new visitors, the chance to download educational tools, and training just for opting into your mailing list. 


And you can use private label content to fuel ALL of this!


You can: 


-   Repurpose private label reports into incentive offers that motivate visitors into joining your mailing list.

-   Fill your autoresponder campaigns will follow-up messages derived from private label content and articles.

-   Offer free downloadable products like ebooks, reports, videos based on private label creations.

-   Create full scale compilations and training courses for resale on your website, and through your mailing list. 


In order to maximize the value of your website’s visitors, and to make more money than ever before, you need to start building a mailing list in your niche.  With a mailing list, you're able to connect with your target audience instantly (and whenever you wish) with just a few clicks of your mouse.   


You can monetize your mailing list with affiliate offers and begin to build a relationship by opening a channel of communication, where you send out follow up emails, regular broadcast and messages, all set on complete autopilot! 


Since there is no shortage of quality private label content, you can easily load up a series of messages relating to your niche and set it up to deliver on a regular basis. Then, whenever someone joins your mailing list, they are given an abundance of free tools and resources just for opening up your emails!   


Not only will this help you build solid relationships within your niche market, but it will also, dramatically increase open rates, making it easier to monetize your campaigns with paid offers and affiliate products! 


If you have yet to start building a mailing list, we recommend the following autoresponder providers who will simplify the entire process, while ensuring that your marketing campaigns are compliant with email marketing laws and guidelines:


Building Your List:  Bigger Lists = More Money 

We've touched on the importance of building a targeted email list for each niche market that you are involved in.  With private label content, it's extremely easy to set it all up and automate the process of delivering high quality content to your subscribers. 


But there's more to building a list than just offering viable incentives to your website visitors.  You need to keep your email lists powered up with relevant content and information that helps your subscribers and motivates them into taking action.   


One way you can do this is by setting up a delivery schedule that makes it easy to stay organized and current.  You could repurpose 10 PLR articles into autoresponder messages just by breaking up the content into segments and releasing it every other day.   


If you feel that you need to update your delivery sequence at any time, just log into your autoresponder account and click "edit" on your campaign. You will then be able to edit existing content, or extend your content cycle by adding in new private label articles and material. 


Make sure to vary the type of information that you are offering, so that you're providing content in different formats.   


For example, rather than powering up your autoresponder with just article content, consider adding in 2-5 emails that offer direct links to your website where readers can download other kinds of  products (reports - videos - ebooks - lesson plans, etc).  


People prefer to have choices when learning, so you will be able to trigger a consistent flow of traffic to your website using multiple types of information products! 


If you struggle to convert website visitors into email subscribers, consider leveraging private label content so that you're able to offer irresistible incentives!  For example, you can easily compile existing private label content into a printable ebook and report that will appeal to your target audience.  


You could also take advantage of print-on-demand services like http://www.LuLu.comto create physical books as well as digital books that your visitors can purchase, or offer a paperback (physical) copy of your book as a bonus for paid products to increase conversion rates instantly, while ramping up the perceived value of all your products and your brand! 


Maximizing Your Income 

With private label content in your arsenal, there's no shortage of ways in which you can maximize your online income.  You could easily transform simple reports and ebooks into "Brandable Reports" that come bundled with your own affiliate links! 


Then, offer the reports on your website or within your email campaigns as free training tools, and make money from the products and service links, promoted within the PLR content. 


You could also make more money by featuring your product within online marketplaces like and then use private label content to create tools and marketing creative’s for affiliates to use when promoting your product!   


For example, you could offer rebrandable reports where your affiliates can inject their own affiliate links into the content and circulate it within their market, sending it out to their own lists or featuring it on their own websites.


When launching products, it's important that you open up as many channels of communication as possible, including teleseminars and webinars! Guess what?


Private label content makes preparing for these events exceptionally easy to do, too!  Once you have read enough PLR to speak fluently on a subject you can begin by scheduling a time for your teleseminar and then inviting everyone on your list to participate.  


You can choose to grant access to your seminar, free, or charge a small fee for entrance. 

By recording a teleseminar in which participants ask you questions while you answer, at the end of your event, you will have a recording that can be considered a unique information product, for your market worth selling!

Once you've recorded a teleseminar, you can use it in many different ways including: 


-    Offer it for free or as a paid download on your website!
(Here, you can use private label content to power up a themed website, which features your teleseminar as the primary product, on sale per copy for up to $297 or more!)


-    Offer the recording as a high value bonus to other paid products, or use it as an "exclusive bonus" when promoting affiliate products to maximize sales instantly! 


-    Offer it as an auxiliary component or 'upgrade' to an existing product. 


-    Offer it as part of your launch sequence, allowing potential customers to opt into your mailing list, to see the seminar and get excited about the products you are about to launch! 


Holding a teleseminar is a great, quick, and easy way to repurpose all the intimate knowledge on a subject you have gained just from simply reading the PLR in your own library.  

There is no shortage of ideas, in which you can exploit high quality private label content for cash and traffic.   


Begin by checking out the top source for quality private label content to create your own library of PLR resources. Then, begin to repurpose PLR into high quality products and use it to power up new websites and blogs.  You'll not only save a tremendous amount of time, but you'll instantly reduce your start-up costs!