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Private Label Products

All of these books come with Private Label Rights, so you are free to do whatever you like with the CONTENT. You may keep it as is, break it up into reports or articles or use it on your websites as your own.

You are also free to resell the books or whatever products you create and keep 100% of the profits! The only thing that you can't do is pass on the private label rights to others (unless 'master private label rights' are indicated). 
You get both the PDF and editable Word DOC versions of these products --
and almost all come complete with sales materials including website or sales page, custom graphics and more...

What You Get in a Typical Package:



NICHE TOPIC: Money Management

Sub-Topic: Identity Theft


Scam Busters!

How To Avoid The Most Popular Scams Of Today!

People who are tired of having thier hard earned money scamed out of thier pockets!

Discover unique methods to to help you avaoid getting taken advantage of!

Attention: Anyone Who Seriously Hates Writing Or Cannot Afford Expensive Ghostwriting Fees!

Find Out NOW How YOU, Too Can Have Your Very Own Instant Collection Of Fresh NEW, Smoking Hot Product... without Having To Spend Hundreds Of Dollars Or Weeks Of Writing!

Learn How You Can DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT With A Brand Spanking *NEW* Product, And Bring In Great Earnings Selling These Product As Your Own!

Product Rights:

You Receive Private Label Rights to this Product. Includes WORD Doc, PDF file, ready made Sales Letter, and a collection of Marketing Materials and Graphics.




Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

"Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft" shows customers what to do if this happens, how to prevent it, and many other topics like:

  • Learn how criminals obtain your information

  • Find out how they use it to ruin your good name

  • What steps you need to take to re-gain your identity

  • How to protect yourself against internet fraud

  • All the agencies you need to contact to correct your credit

  • What to do if you have problems getting the situation resolved

What This Product Comes With:

  • Master Private Label Resale Rights

  • Professionally Written Sales Letter

  • Professionally Designed Graphics

  • Sales Page and Download Page

  • PDF Files

  • Source MS Word Files

  • PSD Graphic Files

You get Master Private Label Resale Rights to this product!


Retail Value: $197.00



How to Prevent Identity Theft and What to Do if it Happens

You Could be a Victim of Identity Theft? Learn What to Do If You've Been Victimized and How to Prevent Thieves from Targeting You!

As our lives become more dependant on conveniences like credit cards, the Internet and other technologies we also open up doors to opportunistic thieves. These identity thieves seek to use our name, credit and money to steal and commit fraud.

Victims are left fighting - sometimes for years - to overcome the debts, clear their reputation and deal with the emotional consequences of being victimized.

With estimates of nearly 10 million Americans being victimized within a year along with millions of others around the world it is crucial that you learn the steps you must take to prevent, identify and combat identity theft.

Are You an Easy Target? Have you been making The 14 most common mistakes? Learn to watch for the 5 Red Alerts that you've been attacked.

Did you know that thieves do more than just steal credit cards? They can open new accounts or commit fraud in your name and you may not even realize it until the creditors or police come to get you!

Did you realize that many of the methods identity thieves use can be easily prevented by taking simple precautions?

Are you aware of the ways that identity thieves find your information? Methods used to steal your information right in front of your eyes without you ever being aware of it? By not knowing these methods you may be making yourself an easy target! Don't let it happen to you. Protect yourself and your family from becoming victims with this tell all guide today!


This Product Comes Complete With:

  • Private Label Rights

  • PDF and MS Word Files

  • Professionally Written Sales Letter

  • Custom Designed Graphics

Retail Value: $197.00



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