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If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed - either by the size and scope of this site or by the prospect of establishing your own Web presence - or both - RELAX.

You just have to keep one thing in mind at all times. Folks online are exactly like folks offline. They tend to like stuff that's new and different -- as long as its useful or helpful to them.

Take a look at some of the sites that are on top today -- Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. The reason each one of these is so popular is that their creators came up with a new and original way for users to communicate socially.

They each became popular because they developed a format that met a need AT THE TIME that need was in demand.

When you come right down to it, the WWW is one big popularity contest.

Remember back in high school?

The geeks and the nerds and the shy kids were always overshadowed by the jocks and the cheerleaders.

The reason why was because the cool kids made themselves stand out. They made the most of their looks and they dressed in a flashy way. They acted confident - even cocky - even if they weren't.

So... everybody wanted to be in their company. Everybody wanted to be one of them.

Well, its the same on the WWW.

The popular kids are the ones who stand out. They are the ones who have created a web presence that is not just another website or blog. They are the ones who have that added something special or extra, recognizing the need for it before others.

This last bit is important. Because more social media sites are spring up every day, their creators striving to cash in on the fading Web 2.0 boom but, just like the reality TV fad, when there becomes a glut of a good thing, the demand declines.

This is the problem with every new development online... going all the way back to the old guru days. First .exe ebooks were all the rage, then audio seminars, then public domain, then private label, then video, then membership sites, then web conferences -- the list goes on and on, and I have left out a whole host of stuff.

Everybody jumps on everybody else's bandwagon until that bandwagon comes to a crashing halt.

BUT... very few people take it upon themselves to hop on their own horse and ride in a new direction.

That is what you need to do to become a success online, to stand out from all the rest.

Take this site, for example. 
The WOW Content Club is a content provider, probably one of the largest and longest standing in the business.

But we never rest on our laurels. We are always evolving and stretching the limits.

Why? Because we recognize that to remain popular we have to stay on top of trends, to offer our audience the newest and the best content alternatives.

So... while our competitors are still doling out the same old resell right and plr ebooks, software and videos, we have moved on to creating innovative pictorial content.

We take the time to think about what our customers could really use to make their sites stand out, and then we take more time to create it for them.

We do NOT think about what is easiest or more cost effective for us. We think instead about is best for our customers -- because when you do that, you are assuring that your business will be a success long term.

You gain popularity be standing out from the crowd and, kind of like in high school, when you start a fad, it doesn't take long before others pick up on it.

You can mark my words, within the next year or two, all the original types of content we are offering here will begin popping up on other plr sites.

But... if you're smart, you will become a leader the pack rather than a follower. Our innovative infographics and other pictorial content offerings give you that advantage.

Here's another analogy it might be helpful to think about. Imagine you are assigned the job of creating a Super Bowl commercial. You have to fill 60 seconds with the most creative and memorable content you can come up with.

Everyone knows how competitive advertisers get with those coveted, high market-share spots. What would you put in your commercial that would assure that it would stand out from the rest and become the most popular?

That is the mind-set you should have when you go to put content on the Web. Unless you are just creating something for friends and family, you want to think always in terms of NOT doing what everyone else is doing.

Remember, the playing field is is wide open. You do not have to be a big shot company to create an outstanding website or blog.

Our goal with this site is to help you to think creatively, to stimulate you come up with a great idea and to present you with top-notch, outside-the-box content that will help you bring your idea to fruition.

There is no reason in the world that you cannot be the next BTO (Big Thing Online), you just have to remember to follow what you feel, rather than following what others do.



Here's something I've been thinking about lately, that you might want to consider when brainstorming ideas for your next web venture.

While it's true most folks come online looking for answers to questions, the questions in life are intriguing too!




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I strongly suggest that you start at the beginning, with Page Number 1, and work your way through the pages consecutively. Each page contains an amazing amount of graphics and content and each package builds upon the previous one.

Take your time. The content isn't going anywhere any time soon. Our membership fee may go up, however -- or we may reach our membership capThis is not a scare tactic... this is a basic fact. Supply and demand. We want our content to retain its value, and the more exclusive it is, the more value it has.



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