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PLR Niche Reports

Want to create powerful, profit producing content for your business in minutes... without writing a word? Our private label niche reports are the answer!
All of our reports come in zipped packs, that include: WORD docs, PDF docs, and 5 professionally designed cover graphics. These reports make terrific bonuses and subscription lead generators!


You can use these reports in any way you like: combine them into your own ebooks, use them as website content, break them up into separate articles for newsletters, or just use them as is as bait to get prospect's opt-in info!


What You Get in a Typical Package:




NICHE TOPIC: Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

Sub-Topic: Other Pets




What Type of Pet Is Right For You? Some Out-of-the-Ordinary Pet Choices

Topics Covered:

  • Choosing The Right Pet For You

  • Cavy Care: Is A Guinea Pig Right For You

  • Hamsters Fuzzy Balls Of Fun

  • Rabbit Care and Tips

  • Ferrets: A Friendly Playful Pet

  • Training Your Pet Parrot

  • Reptilian Pets: The Snake Every Boys Dream Pet

  • Helpful Hermit Crab Basics

  • Fascinating and Novel Pets: The Turtle

  • Teaching Kids And Pets To Co-Exist Peacefully 




Chinchilla Info: Preparing for Your New Pet

Topics Covered:

  • Want A Chinchilla As A Pet? Here's Where to Start

  • What To Do When Your Child Wants A Chinchilla For A Pet

  • The History of the Chinchilla

  • How To Set Up A Home That Your Pet Chinchilla Will Love

  • An Experienced Vet is Worth the Search

  • How To Select The Right Vet For Your Chinchilla

  • What You Should Know About Buying A Chinchilla

  • Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Chinchilla




Life With A Chinchilla: Tips to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Topics Covered:

  • Chinchillas Stay Healthy With Pellets and Hay

  • Water and Supplement Treats For Your Chinchilla

  • How To Cure Some Health Problems of Your Pet Chinchilla

  • How To Keep Your Chinchilla From Suffering In The Heat

  • Your Pet Chinchilla And Environmental Stress

  • Prevent Your Pet Chinchilla From Experiencing Environmental Stress

  • Should Your Child Take A Pet Chinchilla To School?

  • How To Keep Your Chinchilla's Cage Clean And Safe

  • How to Groom Your Chinchilla Properly

  • How To Keep Chinchilla Coats Healthy

  • The Effect Of Exercise For Chinchillas

  • Having The Right Exercise Wheel For Your Chinchilla

  • How To Discipline Your Pet Chinchilla

  • How To Get Your Chinchilla To Trust You

  • How To Re-home Your Chinchilla



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