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PLR Payout


Getting Started: Making Money With PLR

Have you been struggling to make money online because you simply can’t afford the hefty costs of outsourcing your projects?

For many, start-up costs are often the greatest obstacle that stands in their way of being able to get their business online. 

Just hiring an experienced writer to create a basic 50 page ebook can run you up to $1,000 in costs, and that doesn’t include all of the other components involved in building a high quality, high converting website.

You would then need to:

1.            Outsource a copy writer to create high converting sales pages.

2.            Outsource a designer to build a stunning website.

3.            Pay for a domain name and hosting account.

4.            Create/outsource promo material in order to recruit affiliates.

5.            Create/outsource set up of your business to piece it all together.

But what would you say if I told you that there’s a simple solution that will instantly eliminate up to 99% of your start-up costs and it will give you the opportunity to build countless online businesses faster and easier than ever before?

You’ve probably heard the term “private label content”, but you may have never known what to do with it, or just how powerful this resource really is.

You see, with private label content you can become an instant author without ever having to type a line of text yourself!

Plus, there is an abundance of other content types online that come with private label rights giving you extended options with the kind of material that you can resell for 100% profits.

This includes:

·   Videos

·   Reports

·   Full Courses

·   Ebooks

·   Articles

·   Website Designs

·   Pre-made membership sites

·   Wordpress themes

·   Complete turnkey websites (with sales pages!)

·   And much more!

Regardless what you’re interested in, there’s bound to be private label content available in that market or niche. In fact, chances are, you can even find high quality private label content in some of the most obscure markets online!

The Private Label Goldmine ebook will show you exactly how you can exploit the power of private label to build your very own profitable online business, plus we’ll reveal the exact formula we use to maximize the value of your PLR content so that you can purchase a single package of content once, and re-purpose it in a variety of different ways, making you more money from the same content!

Let’s get started!


Understanding PLR Licenses

Before you start using PLR content, it’s extremely important to make sure you understand the license terms that apply to private label content. You certainly don’t want to risk any legal troubles that could eat up your profits.

Some of the things you need to pay attention to in a PLR license include:

·        Whether or not you can edit the content (usually you can, otherwise the content is known as resale rights)

·        Whether you have the right to claim you wrote the content

·        How the content can be used (sometimes it can be broken up, sometimes not, and sometimes it can be sold in certain ways and not others)

You may also want to pay attention to whether or not the seller has set a minimimum price. Some sellers request you sell a product for a certain amount. While this can’t typically be enforced legally, it’s best if you follow the seller’s wishes.

Not all private label releases offer the same licensing rights, and it's important that you always confirm what rights you have, and exactly what you can and cannot do with the material, prior to distributing it yourself.

For example, there are many different variations of private label licensing, including:

ü  Personal (non transferable) Private Label

ü  Transferable Private Label

ü  Unrestricted Private Label

Certain private label developers will allow buyers to give away the private label content as long as it's contained within a paid membership site, while others prevent the buyer from giving it away at all and must be sold. 

You need to be clear on the terms that are in place, so that you eliminate any risks of violating the terms of service attached to your purchase.

To start, you should always try to avoid unrestricted private label packages.  With these PLR releases, there is no limit in place preventing an unlimited number of people from selling or distributing, but in addition, most unrestricted private label content can be given away for free.

Consider the obstacle of trying to sell content that is being mass distributed throughout your niche at absolutely no cost. Why would people purchase it from you when they could easily download the information from a different source at no cost?

The highest quality private label will come with limited licenses being made available, and what you want to do is try to do is find a developer releasing fewer than 100 copies.  Furthermore, you want to make sure that the content can be sold but cannot be given away unless it's being included in a paid membership site.

That way, not only do you not have to worry about the content being distributed for free, but you also know that you are only one of a small group of people who will ever be able to sell it at all.

When it comes to your licensing rights, you want to purchase PLR content that allows you to:

Sell It (with personal rights only, non transferable)

With these licensing rights, you will be able to sell personal rights to the completed product, but will not be able to sell the content with private label rights.  This is exactly what you want because you are not interested in giving your customers the right to pass on the material to other people, but instead, they are purchasing a copy of a finished product for personal use only. 

Modify It

Most private label content (in fact, the majority of it) allows you to modify and edit the content however you wish, including using portions of the content in other info product developments.

Here is where combining private label material can be an exceptionally easy way of creating your very own 'exclusive' release.

What you would do is purchase 3-4 PLR ebooks on your chosen topic.  You would then go through each book extracting the best information from each one.  This could end up being nearly the entire document, or only a few chapters. 

You would then combine the entire collection of content into one extensive ebook, available exclusively to your customers.  It's unlikely that any other competitor will create the same collection as you are, giving you the opportunity to create your own polished product.

This also allows you to create lengthier ebooks on your topic in the event that you find it difficult to locate a single ebook covering the subject in depth.

 Just make sure that when you combine content from multiple ebook sources, that you read through each chapter carefully, so that you can weave the content together ensuring that it flows smoothly and will be easy for the reader to understand, and digest.

Choose Your Own Price Point

Many private label developers set a fixed price on what they believe their PLR product should be sold for. This is to protect the integrity of the product and to ensure that it retains its value. 

You want to make sure you are given flexible rights with your PLR license so that you can set your own price on your product, not being restricted to specific price limits. 

If you are concerned about your license rights, make sure you contact the developer directly with your questions. In many cases, they will also be open to negotiating more flexible licensing rights, for an additional cost.

Sell It As Your Own (under your name)

Try not to get confused between Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights. With Master Resale Rights (known as MRR), you are rarely permitted to change the content at all, and are not able to sell it under your own name.

In fact, the primary purpose of MMR content is to provide you with a completed product to sell, without having to do any modifications or improvements to the product.

However, the downside to using Master Resale Rights material is that you are promoting someone else's brand.  Since you can't change the content, or add your name into the material, (unless it's sold as re-brandable content), you will be potentially funneling your customers to the developer.

Think of this way:  With private label content you are protecting your source of content from prying eyes and competitors who want to know where you get your material from. 

With Master Resale Rights, your source is visible, and while you can sell the product, keeping 100% of the profits, you will find it very difficult to build your own brand.



Using PLR To Create High Ticket Info Products

Consider the possibilities if you knew exactly how to take existing content and transform it into a brand new info product that you could sell as your own without ever having to lift a finger in developing anything yourself. 

This is exactly how thousands of online entrepreneurs penetrate new markets without ever having to invest a lot of time and money into creating their own products from the ground floor up. They simply take existing material, rework it so that it’s essentially a fresh new product and sell it for 100% profits.

But it gets even better:  you can build an entire network around private label material just by tapping into the highest quality sources online and spending a bit of time revamping the material so that it represents your own brand and professional style. 

There is no shortage of exceptional quality private label material online that you can use to develop your very own info products, and even if you have never worked with PLR content before, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how incredibly simple the process really is.

To begin, regardless of your niche, there is bound to be private label material readily available. From acne to eliminating love handles, there are articles, reports and raw material to work with. 

One thing to keep in mind however is that when using private label content to create your own info product, you need to spend some time tweaking the content. 

It’s never a good idea to use PLR content in its original form, because despite the quality, it can still be improved by simply going over the material, eliminating unnecessary information, and of course, injecting your own personal style and brand into the content.

You also want to modify the content so that it is not identical to what other people are selling. You’d be surprised at just how many people fail to make simple changes that would improve PLR content, and by spending just a bit of time making the info product your own, you will be able to use existing material to develop a brand new release.

To help you get started, here is a check-list of things you should do when using private label content to create your own info product:

Review The Material

If you are planning on using a private label based ebook, make sure that you read over the content yourself so that you can get a feel for the overall quality, as well as the flow of the material.  Don’t assume that the material is of high quality and can be used ‘as is’, without personally reviewing the entire document.

If you are going to give the content your personal stamp of approval, and feature it as your own info product, you want to make absolutely certain that the info-product represents your brand in a positive way.

After all, you are going to make money selling this product and you want to minimize the number of refund requests, as well as be able to begin developing an online presence as someone who is a reliable source for quality information.

Editing the Material

Many types of PLR content must be edited before you use it. Sometimes the license requires this, but even when it doesn’t, you should edit PLR content.

There are several reasons you should edit PLR:

·        PLR articles used on the web will be considered duplicate content and may not rank well (or at all)

·        Books and video content will not be worth as much if they are widely distributed

·        If people buy something from you and have already seen it elsewhere, they will be likely to ask for a refund

·        If you submit PLR content to certain places, you may get banned

You won’t be able to edit videos very much, but it’s very important to make changes to articles before you use them online, and you should also consider changing eBook content before selling it.

Change The Product Title

This is very important, especially if you want the shield the fact that your info product was originally private label material.  Consider what titles you could use that would attract attention.

Example:  Rather than "Complete Guide To Cake Decorating", consider "Industry Trade Secrets To Cake Decorating". 

Remember, the title of your product will appear on the graphics that you use to represent it on your sales page as well as within advertising campaigns.

Change The Table Of Contents

The first thing I do after reviewing a potential private label product that I am going to rebrand as my own is to change the table of contents titles.

We want to avoid changing the actual structure of the table of contents, otherwise the content might not make sense or flow properly, however by simply changing the titles of every chapter within the info product, we can eliminate the chance that someone will identify our info product as originating from PLR.

In an example, the first box below showcases the original table of contents from a o revise for my own info product:

Just by spending a few minutes rewriting the Chapter titles for my ebook will help make the ebook more difficult to identify as private label content.

All I've done is go through each chapter quickly and assign a new title that applies to the information. I have not yet made any structural changes to the content itself, only the chapter titles.

Edit Content

This step takes a bit more time, but it's an essential part of re-branding private label content into your own information product.  While you don't have to rewrite the entire document, you should spend some time re-phrasing and in some cases, better explaining the material.

Depending on the quality of the private label content that you are using, only slight editing may be required, and if you are unable to do this yourself, you can easily outsource the work to a freelance writer for a nominal fee.

However, if the quality of your material doesn't require a lot of improvement, you should still modify the content just enough so that it represents your brand and style.

ü  For example, when you read through the material does it sound like something you would write? 

ü  Could you explain it in your own words better or more clearly than the author did?

ü  What could you add into the document to expand on the information so that the reader better understands the topic?

Your style is going to be different from anothers, and it's important that you incorporate your own voice and phrasing into the ebook itself. 

You want people to become familiar with you, your brand and ultimately your message.  Another writer's method and style will not necessarily reflect your own, and you should take the time to blend in your own voice into any existing content you decide to use.

You'd be surprised just how much of a difference this will make in helping you grow your own brand and become an authority by customers being able to instantly recognize your style in future ebooks.

There are always improvements that you can make so that the info product becomes more aligned with your personal style.  You want people to see consistency in your work and in every info product that you release, and one way of making sure this happens is by always proofing and editing every PLR document you use.

Add Your Finishing Touches

When it comes to finishing the info product so that it's ready for distribution, you want to be sure to add your name, and website URL to the product. You should also edit the header and footer of the document so that it includes your Products new title.

You should also consider hiring an experienced graphic designer to create ecover graphics to represent your product and give it a higher perceived value.  These designs can create a simple ecover (that looks like a regular book), or an entire mini-site design for your website. I have included my top ten resources in the closing chapter of this guide.

Take a final run over the document, and give it your stamp of approval!


You want to make sure that you change any affiliate links contained within the ebook to your own links. Most PLR developers will not include affiliate links in their content, however make sure to go through the material before you begin selling it just to make sure.

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