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PLR Membership Site Profits

You must have a way of getting traffic to your membership site.  You can do that by using private label rights articles with a hyperlinked byline (resource box) at the end.  Your articles must be informative and to the point, without a lot of fluff.  You can modify private label articles about your topic to your own specifications quickly for your product launch.

Offer a trial subscription to your membership site.  When visitors go through the site and see the kind of quality content you have created from private label rights material, more than likely, they'll want to stay.  People are constantly looking for quality content and don't mind paying for it. 
If you want to create more costly membership sites, you can sell them for at least $97 a month.  However, with costlier membership sites, you have to provide more value for what they worth.  This means more private label rights articles, private label rights products and other information related to the niche need to be added to the membership site. 

To come up with some ideas for your higher priced membership sites, you can use the private label rights reports and articles that come from your lower paying sites.  This can generate some ideas as to what niches to use for the higher priced ones. 

An untapped way to make lucrative profits from private label rights content is to sell your membership sites for cash.  You already have the content modified and created for each site.  Membership sites that have original and unique content are winners when it comes to selling them.   

This would include e-books, small reports and anything else deemed necessary.  The key here, as with private label rights content in general, is uniqueness.  Being unique provides value to your membership sites.  This means that no one else is creating private label rights content like you. 

You have a real winner if your sites are extremely profitable, which is what private label rights content can do for websites.  Always create content that has real value and is focused on the subscriber's needs.  That's the reason you have the membership sites, for their benefit.      
If your site is earning $2,000 each month, you can take 12 months of the profit figures and get a nice five figure sum for selling your membership site.  You'd be making a lot more money if you had a lot of these sites.  Just do the math.   

Just remember this formula: 

Content that's unique + profitable = lots of money. 

Your original content can make plenty of money for you, whether it's in a membership site, e-book, small report or videos.


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