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PLR Article Membership Site

You can also have a private label rights article membership site. For this, you would probably have to get a dedicated writer just for your site. In order for this type of site to be of value, you will need someone who can churn out private label articles at the snap of a finger. The more articles in the membership site, the better. Some sites have batches of 100 articles or more for that month.

People don't mind paying the monthly membership fee every month as long as you're providing quality content. Depending on the set up, you can charge whatever monthly fee you feel is sufficient to create lucrative, recurring income every month.

Some membership sites just contain private label rights articles and will charge from $10 on up, depending on the content and what else is in the membership site. You can also use another strategy to make quick lucrative income. In addition to offering a monthly fee, you can offer a lifetime membership price where they pay a certain amount one time. They no longer have to concern themselves with a recurring monthly fee.

You can also create membership sites based from niche products that are doing well in sales. For instance, if you have an e-book about vegetarian or organic recipes that is doing well, you can gauge that and turn it into a healthy recipes membership site.

Just fill the site with lots of private label rights articles on being a vegetarian or growing organic foods. People are always looking for subjects like this and are willing to pay money to get these kinds of recipes and other report using private label content.

You can model your membership site after other successful ones. This will give you some ideas as how to tailor your site. You should not, however, under any circumstances, take their work, copy it to your membership site as your own work. You'll be looking at some hefty copyright infringement fines.

You can also conduct niche research to find out what is selling. Clickbank is a great place to start. It is one of the best places to look for and find a niche market to base your membership site on. You can find private label rights articles on the niche you chose right here on this site. While you're thinking about the theme, you should also think about what kind of problems are people looking to solve. You will find plenty of content on just about any niche topic here.

Amazon is another place where you can get niche ideas for your membership site. Find a niche that catches the eye. You won't run out of niche ideas using this resource. Check out magazines at your local book store. You can find plenty of niche ideas there as well.

When you open your membership site, you may want to have a special for the first 100 people. Some sellers provide bonuses for those early-bird sign-ups. You can start pricing your monthly fees from $4.95. It's better to start on the low end when pricing monthly membership sites because more people are inclined to join.

Even though $4.95 is a low price to start, you can limit your sign-ups to a few hundred. You would make $495 for one site each month. That's a nice little income. Rinse and repeat with the next membership site. You can set it up other small membership sites the same way. You can also have low cost membership sites on: Fishing tips, dating tips, or internet marketing.

There are other ways to find out what people want. You can upload a report to the membership site and using statistical software, find out how many people read it. When you get your stats, you can look and see which report was downloaded and read the most. This way, you can know what people are purchasing. You can base your findings on that and create products that are related. This way, you're not second guessing what they want.

For your membership sites, it's also good to include small reports. Everyone doesn't like to spend time reading e-books. Small reports can be digested in a matter of an hour or less. As long as the content is of good quality, the subscribers will pick it up in a heartbeat. You can have a few 1,000 word reports uploaded to the membership site. These reports can be created using modified private label content.


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