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Packaging Public Domain Works
With Other Products

These days, it's all about the bonuses. The most successful Internet Marketers know this, and they add countless valuable bonuses to their products, and even to products that they are selling for other people. You have probably seen this done, even if you didn't pay much attention to it at the time - everybody loves to get more value for their money, and that is a desire that offering a bonus fulfills.

If you aren't increasing the value of your product packages, you simply cannot compete in today's world. Using public domain works to create bonuses is a viable option that does not take a lot of time or work on your part, since the bulk of the work has been done.

You can use public domain works as bonuses with your products or affiliate products. In most cases, the work must be digitized, but this is easily done. If the product is your own, you simply advertise the public domain bonus on your sales page, and when the product is purchased, make sure that your customer receives download or access information automatically.

In the case of affiliate products it works a little differently, however. Since the sale will go through the merchants' payment processor, the customer will need to come back to you in order to collect their bonus. It is acceptable to ask customers to send you a copy of their purchase receipt, after which, you send them the download link for the advertised bonus.

You can also use public domain works as part of your product. It may be a separate product that is packaged with the product when it is sold, whether the product is physical or digital.

The public domain product that you create to use as a bonus should also be available to purchase separately as well. This will give your customers an adequate sense of the value of the bonus product when they are viewing your sales page for the affiliate product or for the original product that you are offering.