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More Profit Boosting Reseller Strategies

Paid E-zine Advertising

You can buy advertisement space in E-zines related to your product. You write a compelling advertisement to grab the E-zine subscriber's attention to visit your sales letter.

Not that there are good and bad investments in paid E-zine advertising out there. Therefore, doing your homework is important. Here are a few important questions you should ask potential E-zine publishers whom you consider buying advertising space from:

  • What is the nature of the E-zine?
  • What kind of prospects subscribe to your E-zine?
  • How responsive are the prospects?
  • Are they willing to pay for information? How much?
  • How many subscribers are there in your E-zine?

You must also be sure that your advertisements are compelling and so is your sales letter. It would not work even if your advertisements are displayed when they do not attract your prospect's attention or when they read your sales letter and it is not persuasive enough to get your prospect to buy from you.



Blog, a short name for web log, serves very much similar as an Online Diary. Blogging is an easy and effective way to provide it while expanding your customer base without sweat and getting targeted traffic funneled into your Resell Rights Business.

The good thing is that just about anyone can create a blog, no programming or HTML knowledge is required! You just need something to write about! You (and even the news posters you recruit) can make entries / posts to your blog any time you want.

Setting up a blog is really a no-brainer. I recommend getting an account Blogger as it is free and easy to use.