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We've Got Kindle eCovers!!! 

Kindle publishing has grown to be the most popular source of passive income for infopreneurs. However, for most Kindle marketers, getting sales is still a problem.

The bestselling books all have one thing in common: An attractive, professional looking cover.

So... its pretty clear that good cover design is key to making Kindle sales. The trouble is... it's painfully hard to create professional looking Kindle covers:

  1. First you need Photoshop (costs about $1000), and then you need learning how to use it (this could take months -- or years -- depending on your tech skills).
  2. You need to figure out what the Kindle image dimensions are (and believe me, this is a huge feat all by itself).
  3. Finally, you need to come up with images that look professional enough to sell.

So, what's the solution?

Unless you want to pay a graphic artist hundreds of dollars per cover, you can use our new Kindle template e-covers.

Yes, you still will want to add your title and author info on most of them, but we've done all the difficult formatting work for you!

All the e-covers are properly formatted for Kindle. That is the huge challenge and we have done it for you.

We have also provided the covers in both full size (huge) and 50% size, so you can easily add your titles to them using any graphic editor. (No need to use Photoshop)

Once you have edited them, simply double the size to 200% and your cover will be ready to upload to Kindle.

It's as simple as that.

We've have also supplied 3-D designs for all the book covers, in the event you want to publish your work in either hard cover or ebook format.

Below are the topics that our covers are available in now. We will continue to add to them as long as they prove useful to our members and customers.

Self Improvement Covers

Success Covers

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