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Kindle Cash Secrets



Whether you enjoy writing, or you have existing content that you'd like to monetize, Kindle Publishing is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to get started.


I know you've probably been through your share of missed opportunities, where you've felt as though had you moved on something sooner, you'd have been successful at it. We've all been there.  The greatest thing about Kindle publishing, however, that is it's just becoming popular now and with Amazon releasing Kindle Fire, it's only going to get even more popular. 


And here's a bit of inspiration from fellow self published authors on Kindle: 


·    Amanda Hocking sold over 100,000 copies of her kindle books 

·    Nathan Lowell sold over 4,000 copies in a single month 

·    Ellen Fisher sold over 5,000 copies of her kindle books 

·    J.A Konrath sells over 10,000 copies every single month 


These self-published authors have gone on to make thousands of dollars in royalty payments every month from Amazon. Even the complete beginner can start making money quickly, because the Amazon Kindle marketplace is wide open to everyone from all walks of life, all experiences, and all types.  


If you have the ability to write short stories, tutorials, guides, or even a true story of your life and experiences, you can build an incredibly profitable income funnel from within the Kindle marketplace. 


Plus, publish a book once and continue to generate passive income for years to come! That's one of the most exciting aspects of becoming a Kindle author. You can continue to make money over a very long period of time for a book that you published years ago!  Unlike other facets of online business where content is quickly outdated and replaced with new techniques or strategies, stories never grow old! 


So, how can you start making money as a Kindle publisher? 


For starters, you'll need content.  One of the greatest things about publishing on Kindle however is that there are virtually dozens of categories where mobile users browse for material. For example, if you have access to short stories, you can publish in a variety of different genres. If you have training material, ebooks, or guides, you can easily repurpose those into best selling information products, all made available to mobile users. 


One thing to keep in mind is that Amazon will accept content from the public domain. In addition, if you tweak existing PLR content, you can also publish it as a Kindle release!  Imagine just how many new books you could publish just by revamping existing material and PLR releases! 


Now, before you choose your content, let's take a quick look at how you can determine what books are likely to sell. 

Researching different categories on Amazon will help you not only choose your content, but come up with catchy titles and keywords for your books' descriptions. 


Start by browsing through Amazon's Best Sellers based on each Top 100 list.  Amazon segments it's categories based on top sellers for all of the different genres, so you can easily see what is currently selling within the Kindle marketplace for anything from Business to Paranormal releases. 


Here's the direct link to Amazon's Best Selling List:  


You will want to spend some time browsing through each category, taking notes of titles used, keywords found in descriptions and also pay attention to the colors and styles on the book covers used by publishers. All of these things play an important part in helping to maximize book sales. 


What you want to do is create an outline for your publishing endeavors. You want to list titles, categories, genres, and ideas that come to mind as you browse through the Kindle marketplace. Write down everything you can think of!  This will serve as an "idea muse" that you can use later on when you are looking for new ideas to write about.

Start off with the most popular genres, which include: 


·    Business & Training Books 

·    Paranormal & Romance 

·    Young Adult (YA) 

·    Fantasy 

·    Horror  

·    Sci-Fi 

·    Action & Thriller 

·    How To Style Books 


When you are first getting started as a Kindle publisher, you'll focus on offering mobile-only books in Kindle format, but once you've gained some experience publishing your stories, you can then expand your outreach by publishing via paperback as well. You can do this for free with  


To set up your Kindle Publishers account, visit  


The sign up process is very short and simple. Enter in your name, email address, and physical address. You will also have to choose how you wish to be paid. If you are within the USA or UK, you can opt to receive payment via direct deposit. For all other countries, including Canada, you will receive payment via check. 


One thing to keep in mind is that if you are from anywhere outside of the United States, Amazon will retain 30% of all profits in order to pay the IRS for income earned. In order to waive this tax, you will need to apply for an ITIN number, which indicates to Amazon that you are from outside of the United Statesand based on your country's tax treaty; you may be exempt from any withholdings. 


Once you have your Amazon publisher account set up, you will be able to submit your first publication. Before you do that, let's take a quick look at Formatting & Cover design - two very important components in successfully selling your books on the marketplace. 






Different publishing agents, like Amazon or SmashWords, require different formatting for your books. The easiest way to get started is to create one formatting style for Amazon and then change the spacing and alignment for all other distributors, depending on their requirements. 


Formatting is quite often one of the most challenging aspects of publishing, especially if you lack experience editing and formatting copy.  Don't stress!  Just create your book in DOC format, and when submitting to Amazon, make sure that you save it out as HTML.  You will then need to create a zip file in order to upload via your Amazon Kindle account. 


For complete information on submitting your book for publication, check out:  


When designing covers for your books  -  keep it simple!   


You really only need a flat image that represents your story and draws attention to your cover. Avoid white covers and instead, choose vibrant colors that will attract attention and stand out from the white background on Amazon's Kindle marketplace. 


Your cover design should be 600px by 900px in size. If you need images that you are allowed to distribute, check out or  


Choose the "Small" size for your image, it's really all that you need and will save you a few bucks.  When saving your cover image, save in PNG and JPG format as Amazon will accept either, however other distribution sites like will only accept jpg. 



Submitting For Publication 


Once you have submitted your book, the waiting game begins.  Amazon typically takes only 24-48 hours to approve a book, however your publication will go through a few different stages before going live on the marketplace.  


The first stage is "In Review", which simply means that Amazon support team is previewing your book to ensure that it's compliant with Amazon's submission guidelines. Once your book is approved, it will go into "Publishing" mode. 


When in publishing mode, you will be unable to make any changes to your book and will have to wait for the status to change to "Live". This can take up to 48 more hours after your book is approved. 


Your book may also be declined for acceptance into the Kindle marketplace and if this happens, you'll see the status of your book change to "Blocked". Once a book is blocked it is unable to be re-submitted, or changed. In order to have it reviewed again, you will need to submit it as an entirely new publication. 



After Approval 


Once your book is live on the Amazon marketplace, you will want to "like" and "tag" it. Tags are just like keywords entered into search engines. They help potential buyers find your books so be careful with tagging your products with only relevant and accurate tags.  


You will be able to enter up to 15 tags per book, but of course, you can create multiple Amazon accounts in order to agree to existing tags and add in new ones. 


You will see a low ranking for your book when it is first introduced to the marketplace, but as you generate sales, your ranking will increase. With Amazon, the lower the ranking, the better.  


For example, a book ranking at 4500 is better than a book ranking at 45000.  Amazon updates the ranking every hour, so you will see your ranking shift slightly from day to day based on the overall number of sales. 



Support & Networking Opportunities 


As a Kindle publisher, you should consider getting involved in the Kindle Forums, available at  


It's a great place to network with other authors, learn the ropes and once you've gained experience yourself, you will be able to contribute and help other new authors. And of course, since readers often visit the boards as well, it's also a great place to advertise your publications!




Making More Money From Every Book 


Submitting your book and getting published is the easy part, but in order to really make money as a Kindle author, you need to know how to bolster your ranking and increase exposure.  


This website offers a numerous other eBook and multimedia courses on Kindle publishing in our InfoMarketing section, all of which are incredibly valuable to new authors in that they reveal short-cuts and proven strategies to maximizing book sales even if you only have ONE book published! 


Here's the thing.  Amazon does a great job at recruiting business for your books but it's your job to create compelling listings and descriptions that pull buyers in. You also have to make sure your cover pulls in readers and that you're targeting active buyers. 


Now, if you are just starting out as a Kindle publisher and you don't yet have content to publish, this website will also help you create a best selling product as well!  This means that you'll have full support as you think up, write and finally publish your very own profitable book via the Kindle marketplace. 


As always, I wish you the absolute best in all of your publishing endeavors!