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Instant Commission Playbook 


How To Generate Instant Paypal Cash 


With affiliate marketing, there are no barriers. You can literally start making money today without even so much as a product or website of your own.

But now, there is an even better reason to get involved in the prosperous affiliate marketing arena – instant commission offers!

With Instant Commission Programs, you never have to wait for a paycheck to arrive, or for a merchant to “process” your commission credit.  Instead, you are able to start promoting high quality products and in return, you are paid immediately, for all of your sales!

With this report, you'll learn how you can generate instant cash into your Paypal account, with our top sources for instant cash products.

Keep in mind that there are no shortage of products in countless niche markets – with many of them offering anywhere between 50% and 100% commission rate!

In addition, there is one affiliate network that pays you for EVERY single sale, even if the vendor sets up their products on a 50/50 split!

So without further delay, let's start making money! 

Getting Started 

Here’s how automated commission programs are structured:

The majority of instant affiliate commission offers are developed on the basis of a 50/50 split.   Merchants set up their affiliate program so that every time an affiliate makes a sale, every other sale is automatically sent to their Paypal account.

This means that you never have to wait for your paycheck to be processed, or for the merchant to “release” your commissions!  You will generate INSTANT CASH directly through Paypal for “every other” sale you make.

This is all done through online scripts, such as RAP ( ) and sites like and, all of which are developed on the foundation of “instant commission split payments”.

For example, if you send 6 sales to a merchant, you would earn 100% of 3 of those sales, while the merchant directly receives payment for the remaining 3 orders.  If a merchant offered you 100% commissions, you would receive the full value of 3 products (based on selling 6 items).

There are a few different scripts available on the market that allow vendors to pay affiliate automatically, and it's important that you're familiar with the more popular ones, because it will put you in the position of being able to locate thousands of instant cash products – as well as explore additional opportunities to promote “private offers” that are not usually available to the public.

Private offers are usually by invitation only, and are typically set at a higher price point than the majority of public offers. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to earn MORE money from every product you sell!



Instant Cash Opportunities 


While there are dozens of “instant cash programs” online, the most popular script is the '$7 script', created by Jon Leger.

There are a few different ways to locate instant cash programs offered through the $7 script, such as by entering in '7 dollar script' or $7 script'  at

You can also browse through available offers by visiting their website directly, available at


With , you can quickly browse for available products by category, or by popularity.   


Keep in mind that there are many lower-priced products available within this community, so your commission amounts will be lower than that of higher ticket items, but when just starting out in affiliate marketing, it’s often easier to begin with more affordable products until you build credibility and a brand in your market.

Keep an eye on the “Best Sellers” listing on the right hand navigation column. These products are featured on based on overall sales, value and quality.  This list is updated regularly.

With 7dollaroffers, your affiliate link will include your Paypal email address, and may look something like this:

When promoting specific products from within the 7 Dollar Offer database, your affiliate link will change to reflect the title of the product, and may appear something like this:  

Pay close attention to how your affiliate link is structured, so that you can test your links ensuring credit, and so you are able to organize your affiliate links based on the different products you intend to promote.

For complete details on offers available through the 7DollarOffers website, and to create your own customized affiliate link, visit:

Another script that is used by the majority of vendors to offer instant affiliate payouts is the 'Rapid Action Profits' script, and again, you can find a TON of affiliate programs using this script by visiting Google or Yahoo and entering in: 


'Powered by rapid action profifts'. 


With Rapid Action Profits, you earn 100% commissions on every 'other' sale generated by your promotions. For example, if you sell 2 copies of a digital product, the first sale will go directly to the merchant, and you'll be credited instantly for 100% of the second sale.

An easy way of exploring available products based on the RAP script is to become a free member of

Rap Bank offers hundreds of products on the “instant cash” basis, and you can quickly create your affiliate links from within one main control center, helping you stay organized and on track.

Another leading “Instant Cash” affiliate directory is found at 



With PaySpree,  you can earn up to 100% commissions instantly via Paypal just by joining their network and exploring available offers.


PaySpree offers the largest payout percentage of any affiliate network online, as well as the lowest fee structure, enticing merchants into listing their products within the directory.

With PaySpree, merchants can choose up to 4 levels of commissions, including 50%, 60%, 75% and 100%.

Here’s an overview of how the sales are paid out at various levels:



Important Note:  It's important to make sure that you format your link properly so that you are credited with every sale generated as a result of your promotions, so take the time to create a 'swipe file' by opening up your text editor and creating affiliate links for the different products that you are interested in promoting.

Not only will this help you keep track of the different products you are advertising, but it will also help you cover more ground in less time by having a 'ready made' swipe file at your fingertips!

DigiResults is another popular marketplace for both vendors and affiliates looking to generate instant Paypal cash.



You can sign up for a free account at 


DigiResults is a bit different than your regular “instant commission network” because rather than being based around a split commission system, where you are paid for every other sale, you are paid for EVERY sale immediately.

For example, if a merchant sets their product to pay out 50% commissions, both the vendor and you, the affiliate, receives 50% of every single sale!

There is no sign up fee involved in order to become an affiliate partner of the DigiResults marketplace.  You can literally choose products from the available listings and start making money today!