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Your Niche Info Marketing Empire Will Grow  

with Every Blueprint Challenge Completed! 


Finally, my blueprints are comprised of solid money making steps, there is no nonsense, no filler.


There is a solid reason behind everything I teach you to do. A reason based on years of experience. Yes, others may have an easier way, a way that cuts corners. Certainly, there are lots of auto-this and auto-that out there. But, guess what?  


If you go with any service that generates anything automatically, whether it be a website, blog or fan page, it will not be unique, it will have duplicate footprints and it will definitely NOT get ranked by Google.


Everyone is still reeling from the PANDA for Farmer algorithm update that the Google Guys unleashed back in January of this year. They said they were going to clean up their search listings by cracking down on content farms and scraper sites with "shallow" or "low quality" content -- and it turns out they weren't kidding!


They really cleaned up a lot of riff raff out on the 'Net, and a lot of the big boys got taken down a notch. I can't say I am disappointed because maybe now folks will be less inclined to try to get away with scammy techniques, and the Web will be a better place for it.


There will be better content for all of us.


But what this means for you, is that you have to really WANT to be an INFORMATION publisher. If all you are interested in is a fast buck, then maybe this business isn't for you. Because the days of throwing up crappy spun content sites are behind us.


The days ahead of us are for creators, innovators, entrepreneurs who love helping others and who genuinely take pride in the work they do.


The recent passing of Steve Jobs has hit many of us hard because we all realize what a tragic loss his inspiring life has been to all of us. He was a true innovator and model entrepreneur, and he truly believed...


"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."


Bottom line... if you want to succeed in information marketing... YOU have to love what you enough to make your work distinctive. You have to be an active participant, not a passive one.


The one short cut that is valid and a true life save is PLR. But... you need to know exactly what do with all the great PLR content that is out there. You need to know exactly how to use, reuse, recycle, reformat and republish it to MAKE the most MONEY off of it.


That is what these blueprints will teach you.


If you don’t know this, you will just be spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.


Also, I try to economize steps where ever possible to concentrate only on the most profitable actions. Having been in this business for twelve years, I know what works and what doesn't. I know what is a waste of time and what actions you can take that actually reap rewards.


Hopefully you will benefit from my mistakes and experience. If you want a short cut to surefire success with information marketing, this is it.


So... the decision is up to you. Are you ready to get started building a million dollar information empire?


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