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So What Exactly Is The ‘In It To Win It’  

Blueprint Challenge? 


Ever heard of the TV Show 'A Minute To Win It?' It's quite popular on this side of the pond. The premise is that contestants are given one minute to perform physical challenges and, if they succeed, they make money and move on to the next level.  


Each challenge is presented in the form of a Blueprint. They are given a brief look at the blueprint and then told: "Losing this challenge may result in elimination. You've got a minute to win it. Game begins in 3 - 2 - 1." 


It really gets exciting and it does take some dexterity and skill on the part of the contestants. Many practice the tasks ahead of time so they are pretty proficient, but so far, to the best of my knowledge, no one has mastered every challenge to win the big money. 


Our game will be a bit different, because I intend for most of you to WIN BIG. However, you will have to master every challenge to do so.  


We are going to use the 'Minute To Win It' format, however, I have modified it to be 'I'm In It To Win It.' 


I will provide you with a series of 'I'm In It To Win It' Blueprints and you will have to complete each challenge in order to move on to the next. If you fail to complete a challenge, you cannot move on.  


However, in our game, you will not face immediate elimination. Neither, however, will you succeed in making any money. YOU WILL NOT WIN IT. 


So the onus is all on you. If you are really 'In It To Win It,' then you need to step up to the plate and complete each blueprint challenge as it is laid out for you.  


If you try to take short cuts, you will not succeed. 


How fast you achieve your goal of making big money will depend on how quickly you complete each blueprint challenge.  


You can take it fast or you can take it slow. It is all up to you. How badly do YOU want it? 


How Many Blueprints Are There? 


There are 22 of them in all. Each one should take you from 1 to 3 hours to complete (depending on your work speed). 


When you finish with just one cycle of blueprints (22), you will have ALL of the following: 


3 Unique Reports (and the knowledge of how to create)

2 Unique eBooks (and the knowledge of how to create)

Professional eCovers (and the knowledge of how to create)

2 P.O.D. Publications on Amazon (and the "how to" knowledge)

2 Published Kindle eBooks

Your Own Domain (and knowledge of how to change IP, FTP etc.)

Complete Niche Content Site (and website solution for your business)

Profit Generating Sales Funnel (complete with all sales and offer pages)

Affiliate Accounts with The Big 3 (and knowledge of how to profit with them)

Knowledge of how to create High Converting Sales Pages

Autoresponder and Affiliate Business System for hands free marketing

Your own Wordpress Blog (and knowledge of how to use RSS)

A Published Squidoo Lense and Hub Page

A Published Scribd Page and Blogger Blog

A Published Facebook Fan Page

An Authority Link Wheel delivering high PR backlinks to your website

PowerPoint Promotional Slides (and the knowledge of how to create)

A Screen Capture Video on YouTube and the other Social Media

Google +1 and Google Analytics incorporated into your site

Knowledge of how to Create Your Own PLR Products

Knowledge of how to Market Your Own Products through WSOs

Ability to Create Residual Income through Membership Programs

An Appendix that covers every other relevant topic from market research to audio products to eBay selling to outsourcing and more...

The above list really doesn't do the blueprints justice, because what you will really be gaining is valuable KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE that will enable you to keep REPLICATING your first blueprint. 


That is the idea. You get your first real niche business up and running in 22 days -- and then you just rinse and repeat.  


You START at Blueprint #1 again and build your second niche business. However, this time you will have all the tools and be familiar with how to use them (knowledge and experience), so you should be able to move much faster through the blueprints. You will probably be able to get through two a day, unless you really only want to work an hour a day.