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Why Should You Trust Me?  


If you are not familiar with me, you certainly have reason to question my expertise and experience. So I’ll tell you a bit about myself… 


I‘ve been immersed in the information marketing business for well over a decade. I actually began marketing online back in the days when Corey Rudl, Mark Joiner and Jonathan Mizel were the go to Gurus. I’ve apprenticed under the best of the best, everyone from Dan Kennedy to Jay Abraham to Rich Schefren to the renegade surfer dude, Frank Kern. 


I created my first website, way back in 1997, and I’ve had a succession of websites since then, some of them more successful than others.  


My partner and I started the original WOWContentClub in 2003. Back then we were the first and only membership site to offer all types of digital content – private label, pubic domain and resell rights – and we offered our members 50 new products every month, which was unheard of at the time.  


Copycats started springing up all over the place over the next several years. None could rival what we offered, but after 6 years I decided that the novelty of WOW had worn off.  


I took a year to completely revamp the format of the site, to add a greater diversity of content and improve the ease of product accessibility. The result is the current WOW Content Club, which remains the largest provider of private label content online. 


You Profit From My Mistakes 


I’m telling you this not to toot my own horn but to let you know that I have been around a while. Although I prefer to fly under the radar, I do know a thing or two about information marketing.  


WOW Content Club is actually my 4th big information website. Before it I had several others, including one that is still kicking around, Along my journey in this business, I’ve learned a great deal. But it hasn’t all come easy.  


And boy have I made my share of mistakes along the way. HUGE mistakes.  


The biggest was NEB (Niche Empire Builder). Maybe some of you know of it. Great idea. Wonderful idea. Again, ahead of its time. I put up the website back in 2004. Folks were wild about it. I won’t go into detail here, except for to say that I learned a very valuable lesson:  


Stick to what you know! 


In the end, I lost more than $50 thousand. I had a spectacular piece of site building software that was way ahead of its time and just short of completion… and a list of almost 30,000 eagerly anticipating prospects… when the coder pulled a disappearing act, taking along with him key components of the source code.  


I learned several other valuable lessons along the way.  


Ø      Do not grow to fast!  

Ø      Do not take on more than YOU can handle. 


Oh, it’s so tempting to do in this business, believe me. And you know why? Because always, waiting in the wings, are the ever eager freelancers. 


And, if you listen to some of the Gurus, they will gleefully tell you, “Outsource, Outsource. Anything that you don’t enjoy doing, just outsource it!” 


So, of course, back in my heyday, that’s exactly what I did. At one point I employed four fulltime freelancers. I had a wonderful girl in California writing reports for my niche reports membership site. I had another helping out with articles. I had Mario, my graphics guy, and, of course, I had my genius software creator, who turned out to be public enemy #1. 


Now, apart from the fact that I was paying these folks a tidy sum every month, my business was frankly spinning out of control… out of my control. I had simply taken on too much. (I was singlehandedly managing 3 software, 5 membership and dozens of niche content sites.)  


And the reason I had taken on too much was simply that… outsourcing made it so easy. 


I was just flitting from one thing to another, because it was possible and because I kept having these great ideas… but I had no real end goal in sight.  


So… as much as the NEB disaster devastated me, it was also a wakeup call. It made me STOP and THINK. Really think about my business and my life and what I wanted to do. And I remembered the wise words a friend, Frank Sousa, had given me back in the midst of my craziness:  

 “You know, Gail, you should really just concentrate on what you do best, information marketing.” 

He was right. Although the majority of my business was still information based, I had gotten so side-tracked that I could no longer focus on the stuff that really mattered. So… I closed down all of my sites, and re-evaluated my priorities. Right now, my single priority is the WOW Content Club


Everything I do is with one single minded intent: making that site and the content in it the best it can be. Yes, I have numerous niche sites and blogs, but they are all geared toward empowering my primary site.  


Currently, if you run a search on Google for PLR, private label rights, private label rights products or any other combo of these very popular search phrases, WOW Content Club is in the #1 spot. I have spent no money on getting it there. It is there solely by dint of hard work and GOOD CONTENT. The content on the site itself and on all the sites linking to it.  


I have created a veritable information niche empire, built a recognizable and respectable brand, I make a very comfortable living and, with these "In It To Win It" Blueprints, I will show you how you can to do the same.   


Clearly you need a business plan if you are going to be successful in any business but... 

 "Planning is easy… it’s doing the work that’s difficult.” (Mel Gosling)  

Sometimes it's not knowing where to start that bogs you down. Sometimes, it’s following through and not getting overwhelmed and/or discouraged because you run into so many road blocks and things that just don’t go the way you expect them to.  


Whatever's been holding you back up until now, That’s where these blueprints come in.  





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