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Yup. Content's still King. In fact, you might say CONTENT RULES THE WORLD WIDE WEB! Certainly, the Google Guys believe this and they bend over backwards to service this ruler.  


If you aren't going to kow tow to the Content King, you might as well close up shop and call it a day, because there’s just no point in putting up a website if you don't plan on packing it with plenty of good information. 


Here's why. 


Like it or not, the Search Engines make or break your business. Check out the sites that are ranking #1 on Google on any topic and you will see that the one thing they ALL have in common is that ALL of them are loaded with CONTENT


It doesn't matter whether they are websites, blogs or Squidoo Lenses, they are ALL toppling over with pages and pages of informative articles, posts, reviews or videos... 


Yes, backlinks play a part, but only a part. And they only matter if you get them from SITES with a lot of valuable CONTENT!  


Bottom line, Google, Yahoo! Bing and the others LOVE good content and that is what they reward with top listings. Nothing else matters!! Nothing.  


Now... you need to re-read that last sentence because I did not say "content," I said "good content" -- and that is a very important distinction. 


There is PLR and There is PLR!


Some of it is excellent, some of it is good, some of it is OK, some of it is poor and some of it is trash. Yup. Can't state it any clearer than that.  


Unfortunately, sometimes you don't know you are getting the latter until after you've already purchased it. (Not everyone let's you examine everything upfront like we do at WOW :-) 


HOWEVER... a word to the wise...  


if you are promised 15,000 PLR articles for FREE! or for $15 bucks, you can generally assume that...  


1.     The articles are poorly written 

2.     The articles are over-circulated 

3.     You are going to get what you pay for... trash! 


Bottom line, if you're going to bargain shop for PLR, you'll have to spend so much time re-writing and polishing that frankly, you'll be better off just writing your own articles from scratch.  


Oh... and while we are on the subject of trash PLR, I have to say a word about spun PLR articles.  


Article spinners are, in my humble opinion, the worst invention ever created, and they are largely responsible for the plethora of crap PLR that is floating around the internet today. Because, I'm sorry, no software can write... or re-write... well.  


So even if you start with a fairly well written PLR article, once you substitute in a bunch of awkward synonyms simply to dupe the search engine's duplicate content filters, what you come out with is invariably a trash PLR article.  


Actually, what you usually come out with is hundreds and hundreds of autogenerated trash articles... multiplied thousands of times! So you wonder where all the bad PLR content comes from?  


Well... that is one source. The other source, of course, is cheap outsourcing. This came to a head several years back when everyone was going PLR crazy and it seemed nobody could get enough of the stuff.  


So... in order to cash in on the PLR gold rush, some marketers began hiring cheap, non-English speaking freelancers to churn out articles and ebooks to meet the windfall demand. The result, of course, was a bunch of poor quality content that is still making the rounds today.  


BUT... there is plenty of QUALITY content around as well. The thing is, you have to know where to look. I don't want to pat myself on the back, but in all honesty, the best resource by far is the WOW Content Club


We offer all types of re-publishable content, you can see everything you are going to get up front, and we have taken the time to organize all our material into niches and sub niches -- and by content type -- so you don't have to go hunting around for exactly the type of PLR you are looking for. 


Turn PLR Into Your PR


But... that is not what I created this course to talk about. This is about YOU and how YOU are going to make your first hundred... and then your first thousand and then your first million with PLR


What I do want to say, however, is that, even with the good stuff, you NEED to be prepared to do some editing, to put your own stamp on ALL CONTENT that you get your hands on.  


Because, even if you get the greatest professionally written articles, reports or ebooks, stuff that really blows you away, and even if we limit the number of others who will receive the same material as you, that still does not mean that your content will be 100% unique. 


Because, of course, you will not be the ONLY ONE getting it. 


Yes, you are free to use it as is. No problem.  


But if you really want to create your own brand, to set yourself apart and establish yourself as someone to be reckoned with in the online world, then isn't it worth it to take a little bit of extra time to insert YOUR OWN PERSONALITY and STYLE into the content you are using.  


If you do this, then you are assured that no one will have anything like it and people who come to your site and subscribe to your list or purchase your products are doing so because they really like what YOU have to say and the manner in which YOU say it. 


This is the KEY difference between PLR and Resale right content. With PLR you are given a license to EDIT and, if you're smart, you will take advantage of it. 


Remember This ALWAYS...





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