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How to Public Domain Material

While you can find numerous public domain works that have already been digitized, you may come across public domain works that you want to use that are not digitized. In this case, you will need to convert them to a digital format before you can edit them.

In terms of photographs, videos, film, sound recordings, and music that are not digitized, it is fairly easy to convert these. Photographs can be scanned. Videos and film can be converted to DVD's. Sound recordings and music can be converted to CD's or MP3's. If you do not have the equipment to make these conversions, you can hire a service to do this for you, and the costs are usually quite reasonable.

Work that is in print is a different matter. You cannot manipulate scanned writing. In most cases, you will have to retype the printed work into a document on your computer, or hire a typist to do this for you, if you are unable to find the work in digital format.

You will need to scan any photographs that are included in the work, and reassemble it on your computer to include it in the text. Hiring a typist doesn't cost very much. Typists usually charge either by the word or by the page. Shop around for the best prices if you don't want to do the work yourself.

If you are only using portions of written work, you only need to convert those portions that you intend to use, instead of the entire work. However, don't be lazy where non-digitized printed work is concerned. Often work that is not available online will be worth more to you - and your potential customers - than work that is readily available online already.

In fact, you may be able to reproduce the entire work in digitized form and make a nice profit without changing anything else about the work, simply because it isn't already available online. Always consider all of the possibilities!