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How to Get Your Resellers To Resell For You

Not everyone is cut out for writing even if their command of English is powerful enough. And if they are not familiar with a niche they want to sell to, creating their own product would be twice as difficult and time consuming. These are the resellers you want to appeal to. It is very important to create a product that will eliminate as much work for them as possible.

People like the idea of getting something for nothing anyway, so this would appeal to them. Here are lists of tools you will need to equip your resellers to get them started as fast as possible:

  • A domain name related to the niche or the product 
  • Web hosting 
  • A payment processor 
  • Graphics for advertising 
  • A sales letter 

Your goal is to give the resellers all the tools they will need so they won't have any excuse not to promote your product. People can be lazy at times so our goal is to give them a ready all in one package to get started with.

How and Where to Market Your Product for Upfront Sales?

This falls pretty much under Internet Marketing, but I will show you some of the most effective methods that I - and other Top Internet Marketers - use to market our own product or service that you can follow, too. It makes sense to follow what is already working rather than trying to reinvent a wheel. (What other shapes does a wheel come in besides round?)

How to get resellers to market for you willingly and aggressively?

The Internet marketplace is flooded with tons of Resell Rights eBooks. Why should resellers choose to resell YOUR eBook over others?

Call it USP (Unique Selling Position) if you want to, but you must give resellers very good reasons to market your product willingly and aggressively (and not to mention, fully motivated, too). Not to worry about this as I will show you how you can achieve this as well.

Where and how to get your own residual income opportunity built into your E-book?

You can either create your own membership site or service or join an existing program yourself, which you can confidently recommend in your eBook. The program:

Has residual income opportunity - 2-tier affiliate program, MLM, or matrix.