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How to Find Public Domain Films

You may not plan on becoming a famous movie director, but you still have a use for public domain films, broadcasts, commercials, and sound bites. These can be used on websites, or to create CD's or DVD's that you can sell.

By far, Buyout Footage at  is one of the hottest places to obtain film. There is also great film that you can use at  and also at The Library of Congress at .

At the Live Music Archive at, which is located at details/etree you can find films of live music shows. You can also find free footage at the UCLA Film and Television Archive which is located at .

While these are excellent sources for finding public domain films, it is important to realize that you must purchase the work from most of these sources, with the exception of the public domain works found at However, the fee may be well worth it depending on what you intend to do with the film that you want.

There are various ways that you can use old film, broadcasts, and commercials for financial gain. You may want to use the entire work, or just use parts of it for your product. You could even make a collection of old commercials for an informative marketing course!

Again, you need to be aware of the format that the film you want is delivered in, and make sure that you have the appropriate software or equipment to manipulate the film to turn it into the product that you want it to be, if editing it is what you have in mind, or to transfer it to the medium that you want it to be on if you just want to change the delivery format. For instance, you may want to change something that is on video tape to DVD.