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Finding Public Domain Music and Photos

You can use public domain music and photographs for your website, or for CD's or DVD's that you plan to sell. In fact, finding public domain music and photographs is really quite easy, and such items can usually be obtained at no cost.

You can even obtain public domain sheet music, and possibly compile a collection that you can copyright and sell! You could obtain the actual music files for public domain music and create your own music CD as well.

Starting with photographs, there are numerous sources. There are so many collections that exist online. A good place to start your search is at the Wikipedia resource for public domain images, which can be found at

While this is a great place to start, there are still many other good resources as well. Other sources for public domain photographs include:

Eastman House -

The New York Public Library -

US Dept. of Interior -

For sheet music, good resources include:

Choral Public Domain Library -

The Music Library -

Sheet Music Archive -

Public Domain Music -

For actual public domain music, you should check Musopen at

Actual music is harder to find then sheet music in the public domain. However, if you can find the sheet music for public domain music, the chances are good that you can probably find the actual music on the Internet as well. Therefore, when you want music files, start by finding the sheet music first, to ensure that it is indeed in the public domain.

Again, most of these resources will not charge for the files. There are some really good finds just waiting to be found - and there is a lot of money to be made from these 'oldie but goodies' if they are used in the right way.