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Creating eCovers For Your PLR Products

Create Your All Important eCover(s)

This is a critical step. With the information overload on the Internet today and the flood of offers everyone receives, you need to make your product stand out or it will not sell. You might have the best product in the world, but if it isn’t wrapped in a beautiful package your sales will suffer, period.

Make no mistake about it... in the highly competitive PLR business, looks count!

And any ecover is not necessarily a good ecover. If your image looks unprofessional or sloppy, people will assume the product is also. Take the time or spend the money on this step because it is vital to your success. If you want to make your own ecovers, I recommend Cover Action Pro. You need Adobe Photoshop to use it, but I personally have created many covers with it and they are very high quality.

Recommended resource: Cover Action Pro

If you want a professional to make them for you, I recommend eCover Artist. I use her service to generate tons of ecovers because the process is simple, she offers quick turnaround (2-3 days) she has a variety of options, and very low price.

Recommended resource: eCover Artist

You can also outsource cover art at places like,, etc.

Tip for Content Photos:

With your private label rights content, avoid using a lot of pictures and other items that would distract from the narrative. Your customers are looking to receive information, not a lot of pictures.

They can also get in the way and when you try to remove them, it can be a task. It may be better not to have any pictures at all.


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