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Below I have displayed some of the newest, creative ways you can display content. No longer are you constrained only by using PDF or word docs that have to be downloaded and opened to be read.

Now, you can have folks read your books and reports or see your photos or presentations instantly, right on your site. Of course, they can also download them and pass them along to others. You can have links in them for access to your products or sites and buttons for instant social sharing.

The sky really is the limit!

PDF Flip Book 
PDF Book as Slide Presentation 
PDF Book as Alternative Slide Presentation 
Business Planning Charts 
  Exercise and Fitness Charts 
  Sports Injury Charts
Diet and Nutrition Products Flip Book  
(Note the clickable links are highlighted in yellow) 
Beauty and Anti-aging Products 
(Note the clickable links are highlighted in yellow) 

Just think of what you can do by reformatting all the content you have at your disposal. It really boggles the mind, doesn't it.




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