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Commission Power Up
High Powered Affiliate Marketing Strategies





There was a time when you could slap up a few pay per click campaigns and immediately funnel targeted traffic through affiliate links that would result in thousands of dollars in instant commissions.

It used to be easy to generate a massive response from slick, high targeted affiliate campaigns that took only minutes to set up. In many cases, you didn’t even need a website, domain or squeeze page to get the job done.

Ahh, the good old days of affiliate marketing.

Times sure have changed.  With recent changes to the way Google ranks websites, and with social media bursting onto the scene over the last few years, affiliate marketers had to reshape the way they targeted customers.  In turn, while it requires a very different approach, it’s still very possible to make an
incredible income in the affiliate marketing arena.

It just takes a bit more effort on your part.

The “Commission Power Up” report was created to provide you with a simple, yet direct approach to making money in affiliate marketing.  The techniques featured within this guide are based on proven results and are geared towards long-term success. 

We want you to be able to make a living as an affiliate marketer for years to come, so we’re going to show you how to set up a success system that will continue to generate results, month after month. 


That’s the key difference between struggling in affiliate marketing, or becoming a well known super affiliate who is able to dominate some of the hottest niche markets online.  Smart affiliate marketers set themselves up for life, so that the campaigns they create now, will continue to generate a return for years to come.

So, without further delay – let’s get started.


Quick Cash Strategy: Fast & Direct Approach  


In affiliate marketing, there are 2 main courses of action.  


You can choose to focus on short-term campaigns that will generate a quick influx of cash, but tend to fade out over time, or you can develop campaigns on the “Long-Term Profits” approach which requires more time and effort upfront, but will continue to generate income over the long haul.

We’re going to cover both strategies in this report, so that you’re able to make money quickly, while also focusing on building long-term campaigns.

The “Fast & Direct Approach” focuses primarily on generating instant cash through a series of offers. We do this with I.C.P, which stands for “Instant Commission Programs”.

Instant Commission Programs are a great way of generating instant cash that you can then re-invest into your online business.  In fact, many new affiliate marketers are able to generate all of their startup capital or ‘seed money’ just by promoting instant commission programs!


As you know, affiliate marketing is a "barrier-free" entry point into building your own business online, and for many, it's the doorway into learning the ropes, while being paid as you go. Affiliate marketing isn't meant to be complicated or confusing. It's based on a very simple, yet powerful foundation.  You choose high quality products and you connect potential buyers to those products. It's as simple as that. 

Here is a fast & easy way to get started:

Instant Commission Offers:

One of the most common scripts used by vendors who want to run their very own instant payment program is the $7 script, created by Jon Leger.


This script enables merchants to offer affiliates instant payment each time they refer a customer to the website. 



With instant commission programs, you will be able to start seeing money very quickly from the moment you start generating traffic through your customized affiliate link. In fact, you could begin receiving payments in a matter of a few hours from now! 

If you're looking to find hundreds of instant affiliate programs, try entering in '7 dollar script' or $7 script'  at


Next, visit a directory that showcases the latest $7 dollar offers from within many different markets, including Computers, Education, Fiction, Employment and even Games.


All of the offers on the website offers up to 75% commissions on ALL sales that you refer to various merchant sales pages!

The commission will be instantly deposited into your Paypal account. No waiting for a paycheck to arrive, you’ll see your cash INSTANTLY! 

Keep in mind that the majority of offers found on the website will be focused around “make money online”, or “internet marketing”. If you are looking for niche based products, I suggest running a search online for “Instant commission + niche keyword”.

Your affiliate link will look like this (replacing the email with your Paypal email address):

One thing to keep in mind is that the Paypal email address that you use within your affiliate link should be your PRIMARY Paypal email address.


Make sure that you add and confirm this email within your Paypal account before you start funnelling traffic through your affiliate link, otherwise you’ll run the risk of not being credited for the sale.  


Another popular script that is used by the majority of vendors to offer instant affiliate payouts is the 'Rapid Action Profits' script, and again, you can find a TON of affiliate programs using this script by visiting Google or Yahoo and entering in: 


'Powered by rapid action profits'. 


With Rapid Action Profits, you earn 100% commissions on every other affiliate sale generated by your promotions. For example, if you sell 2 copies of a digital product, the first sale will go directly to the merchant, and you'll be credited instantly for 100% of the second sale.  


There are other ways to find new product releases that run on the “instant commission” system, including by searching through directory sites and databases that were designed to help vendors successfully manage their offers, while attracting affiliates, (like you!).

The first is found at and you can create your free account in a matter of a few minutes.
Once you've created and successfully activated your DigiResults account, you'll be able to start making money, instantly -  from a variety of high quality products and offers available through their extensive marketplace.   


Another leading “Instant Cash” affiliate directory is found at 


With PaySpree,  you can earn up to 100% commissions instantly via Paypal just by joining their network and exploring available offers.

PaySpree offers the largest payout percentage of any affiliate network online, as well as the lowest fee structure, enticing merchants into listing their products within the directory.

And finally, another easy way to find instant commission products is to create a free account at 


Rap Bank is powered by “Rapid Action Profits”, a very popular product used by merchants who wish to offer instant commissions to their affiliates. 


Rap Bank is a very simple system and it works like this:

·   You create your Rap Bank account and browse through available product offers and merchant products. 


·   You decide to promote a product with a commission rate set at a minimum of 50%. 


What this means is that you will earn 50% of every sale made, however rather than receiving ½ of the sale price, you will receive 100% of every other sale.

For example, if you make 4 sales of a 50% commission product. The first sale will go to the merchant, and the second and fourth sale will go to you directly.


If a product is priced at $50, you would still earn $100 for selling 4 copies of the product, however rather than receive 4 payments at $25 each, you’d receive 2 payments at $50 each, direct from the customer.

This means that you can start making money instantly with products found within the Rap Bank marketplace, but it also means that you’ll have direct access to your customer base, as every time you sell a product, you will receive the payment
directly from the customer! 


The first sale always goes to the merchant.  This is to ensure that affiliates don’t purchase products via their own affiliate link.  Every other sale will go to you, directly!


Long Term Profit Plan  


If you’re interested in developing an online business within affiliate marketing that will last for the long haul, you’ll want to focus on building authority in your market.

You do this through a combination of different methods, with your primary focus on list building.

When you develop mailing lists of qualified leads, you’ll not only be able to target potential customers instantly (and at no cost), but you’ll also be able to guage demand, evaluate markets and eventually, create your own information products as well!

If you want to make a full time income in affiliate marketing, you need to provide more value than your competitors’. You need to create offers that stand out and stand up against the test of time, and you need to demonstrate your commitment to your target audience with each and every affiliate campaign you create.

One way of simplifying the process is to use the list building tools available in each category on our site. You can
literally dominate the marketplace by using our high quality list building packs to explore new markets and develop high performance affiliate campaigns. They include everything from a full suite of incentive offers, to full autoresponder sequences that you can instantly plug into your campaigns and set on complete autopilot!

If you’re interested in building a long-term business in affiliate marketing, you need to create dynamic campaigns that remain relevant over the long haul.


You do this by developing a brand as a recognized authority in every niche market you cater to. You become much more than an ordinary affiliate pushing out offers every other day. Instead, you become a “go to” person in your market, a leader, and someone who offers undeniable value, so that customers come to YOU.

One of the easiest ways to do that is by building your affiliate campaigns in the same way that you would your own business. It used to be that affiliate marketers could get away with creating a simple squeeze page, or in pushing potential customers through a direct affiliate link without any “warm up” involved.

While you can still make a living with direct affiliate marketing, in order to do that you require a mailing list – a presence, an existing customer base, otherwise you’ll need to do the legwork in establishing yourself first, and then selectively marketing top quality products.

One of the first things you should do is begin to create your online presence. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time, nor does it have to be costly. You can get by with a single domain name, and a basic hosting account. We recommend , one of the most affordable hosting providers online.

Here is a simple strategy to getting your feet wet, and being able to connect with potential customers quickly and easily:

1:  Register a keyword-based domain name.

For SEO purposes, a domain that encompasses your primary keyword will always produce more organic traffic than anything else, so make sure that you choose a domain that is based on your most relevant, powerful keywords.  Use hyphenated domains if needed, just make sure they include keywords.

Example: or


2:  Set up a network of websites. 

While you only need one primary domain of your own, you will also want to take advantage of free remotely hosted websites that will help boost your ranking in the search engines.  This is extremely powerful when it comes to generating organic traffic, and will provide you with instant link-juice from the top authority websites online.

These sites include: 


Set up a single webpage on each of these websites, with a prominent backlink to your own website.  Include an opt-in box on the side bar of your Blogger and Wordpress blog so that you’re able to collect leads.   


3:  Register Your Social Accounts – Claim Your Space
You want to develop an immediate presence in your market, and to do that, you need to set up as many different social media accounts, websites and forum accounts as possible.  We’re talking total market saturation.

To begin, register a twitter account, Facebook account, and Google+ account. Add in relevant keywords into all profile areas of all 3 network sites, so that you’re able to attract visitors who are searching for specific keywords and phrases. Add a photo, mascot or image within all of your social accounts, using the SAME image for consistency. Remember that your photo becomes part of your brand, so choose wisely.

Keep in mind that your username should also remain consistent whenever possible, so if you decide to use your real name, alias, or website URL as part of your username, use the same for all other social accounts.


4: Forum Marketing
Forum marketing is an incredibly effective (and quick) method of generating traffic to your website,  and while you won’t be able to include direct affiliate links on the majority of online forums, you can use a URL redirect, that guides people to your website and then through your affiliate offers.  You want to search for relevant forums in your market, keeping a swipe file of all active boards.

Register your account with each one, adding your name, photo and website URL into the profile fields. This will establish an immediate backlink to your website.

Quick Tip:  Take advantage of where you can browse through an ever-growing database of active forums.

5:  Choose Product Offers
The next step is to select offers that you believe your audience will respond to. It’s important that you choose carefully, because the products you promote become associated with your brand. You never want to choose products based on price point alone, but instead, select offers from vendors and merchants that have established a reputation for value.

Create a swipe file of 5-10 products all within the same niche market.  It’s important to develop thorough campaigns for every market, so start by focusing on one specific niche and then once you’ve seen activity in sales, branch out and create additional websites on other markets.


Choosing the right products is essential to your success. You want to set up an automated cash system by focusing your marketing efforts around evergreen products that will continue to be in demand for years to come.

Once you have the package at your disposal, you’ll be able to start making money with our pre-screened niche markets. This will instantly eliminate your workload because we’ve done all of the work researching some of the hottest niche markets online.

It’s very important to focus on long term, evergreen niches because if you focus on short-term products, you’ll be forced to replace those products with new ones frequently. All of the push button list building packages available on our WOW site are based on proven, viable markets.

Evergreen products are those that are found within long-term niche markets, such as weight loss, health, business, relationships, or finance.  In the business world, evergreen topics would include email marketing, traffic generation, blogging, freelance and work from home, among others.

The objective is to start off with a very strict focus. It’s the easiest way to dominate a market, minimize your workload and maximize your income.


One of the biggest mistakes that new affiliate marketers make is in trying to cover too many markets at once. This will spread you so thin that you’ll never have enough time to saturate a market with your affiliate links, and you’ll struggle to build a name for yourself as someone that provides real value.

So, start off with a strict plan of action that focuses on a single market, and then work your way towards consistently expanding your outreach, one market at a time.


For example, the 80/20 rule is often used by affiliate marketers who set up a variety of campaigns around long-term and short-term markets.  


80% of their campaigns are based on evergreen topics, with only 20% making up for shorter-term, current events, topics and markets that may not prove to be profitable over a longer period of time.



Tools & Resources: Swipe File  


Product Marketplaces, Vendors & Merchants:
Create your affiliate accounts and choose products from the following digital marketplaces: 


Monitoring Traffic Stats  

You should always know what campaigns are performing and which ones aren’t.  Otherwise, you end up spending time on the WRONG campaigns, or you’ll lose money because you aren’t able to connect customers to the products they are most interested in. 


You can set up extensive tracking for all of your traffic campaigns as well as your website with both StatCounter, at or through Google Analytics, at 

Cloaking Links: Visit offers the opportunity to hide your affiliate links by shortening them into links. You can even customize your links so that you’re able to effectively track your traffic sources. You can set up as many cloaked affiliate links as you wish within your free account.


In addition, you can further customize each link quickly by labelling them differently, or by changing the structure of the link altogether. also provides additional data, such as overall clicks and where the majority of your traffic is coming from.

This is VERY powerful information as an affiliate marketer because when you know your demographics and overall metrics, you’ll be able to create customized, tailor-made affiliate campaigns that speak directly to your customer base. 

Squeeze Page Templates
Save time by using pre-designed squeeze pages. Just open the HTML source and plug in your autoresponders’ opt-in code!

Web Profit Plans 

Download a complete affiliate marketing video mindmap for free from 


Newbie Affiliate Training
Gain a competitive edge over other affiliate marketers with the complete multimedia training collection available here at our site.

Good Luck!