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Cash Commando

Covert, Underground Cash Strategies! 



Become An Invisible Ninja 


If you really want to become an underground marketer, claiming your share of the monstrously profitable business market online, the first thing that you need to know is how to protect yourself, cloak yourself and stay beneath the radar.

You need to become an invisible ninja.

One of the most important things you can do when building your online business is to set up an indestructible system and this begins by preparing for the “worst”.

And what is the worst thing that could happen to your business?

Your competition could take you DOWN.

It’s no secret that in the online marketing space, competition is fierce. And depending on the types of markets and niches that you are venturing into, it can get outright UGLY.  


It’s not uncommon for a competitor to seize your traffic, analyze your backlinks, deconstruct your business, reverse engineer what you’re doing, and outright DEFEAT you by using your own strategies and tactics against you.

This is why it’s imperative that you NEVER leave a trail, and that you cloak your activity online so that your business is ironclad protected.

One of the easiest ways to protect your online activity is by using multiple names and aliases. This is exceptionally important if you are involved in multiple niche markets (or obscure markets) and you don’t want anyone actually KNOWING what your niches are.

You should also consider setting up multiple hosting accounts, and avoid running a dedicated server because with dedicated servers, anyone can see EVERY website that exists on the same IP address.

That means that you either need to purchase bulk IP addresses so that you can spread your domains across multiple IP blocks, preventing anyone from loading a ‘directory’ of all your domains.

Tip: With hosting providers like, you can host as many domains as you want on one $9.97 domain and since it’s a shared hosting account, no one will be able to easily pinpoint what domains belong to you.

Remember, it’s a dog eat dog world out there and if someone is able to effectively track your niches down, tear apart your keywords and rankings, they will ultimately have everything they need to replicate what you are doing and if you’re not careful, they will DEFEAT you just by exploiting your own methods.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of online business is that you must be transparent with your entire business, or risk looking sketchy, questionable or outright shady.  


The last thing you want anyone to think of you is that you’re somehow tied in with a scam, or that you’re not willing to share your information because you have something to hide.

Well, you do!  You have your BUSINESS to hide.

Look, you should always be honest and ethical in your business. You want to build credibility and trust in your niche markets, because essentially, that’s the only way that you’ll be able to gain authority and maximize your income.

You can STILL be honest and upfront without having to reveal every niche and market you’re involved in.


Aliases protect you. They allow you to freely venture into as many different markets as you wish without fear that a competitor will instantly connect the dots, or be able to save hours of research and market evaluation that YOU’VE already done, simply because they can swipe your blueprint and zoom past you faster than you can blink.

Protect your business and protect your financial future. 

Proxy Servers:

When you hear the word “proxy”, what immediately comes to mind?

Black hatters looking to game the search engines, hide activity, shield illegal shenanigans or someone – ANYONE – looking for anonymity, and all too often we instantly associate that to doing something “wrong”.

Well, clean the slate please, because that kind of thinking will keep you stuck, dead center, in a “sitting duck” position while a marksman picks you off with one straight shot.

If you’re serious about keeping your business protected, you need to learn exactly how to exploit the power of proxy servers to gain the overall advantage usually reserved for “black hatters”.

I promise, these methods are 100% ethical and legal, but they are undeniably REQUIRED if you’re serious about your online business.



Safeguard Your Keywords, Protect Your Traffic and Keep The Money To Yourself 


One of the easiest ways that your competitor can take you out of the running and outright slaughter your search engine rankings is by dissecting and analyzing your content, your backlinks and your traffic sources online.

By tearing apart content such as articles submitted into databases and directories, you can easily determine what keywords any content is ranking for. 

So, how can you stop this so that you can plug a leak in lost profits and instantly maximize your income by protecting your rankings? 

Throw Out A Wider Net

You want to make sure that you use different anchor text for all of your primary keyword phrases.  This means that rather than always using a small number of keywords, vary it up – spread it out – scatter it throughout the net.

Not only will this help to distract (and confuse) your competition, but you’ll be able to rank for more keyword phrases, and in the event one keyword takes a nosedive, you’ll have plenty of other keywords funneling in organic traffic to your site.  




Your Quick Cash System 


I wanted to end this special report with a quick and easy way for you to generate up to $100 a day, almost on complete autopilot.

Keep in mind that the amount you’ll earn will vary, but there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use this simple system to make fast cash when you need it most (in fact, it’s quite possible that you could use these strategies to literally double your income a day. It’s just that easy).

The system involves becoming a “middle man” where you match up people looking for specific services, with freelancers who provide the work.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to take advantage of “gig sites” like

With Fiverr, anyone can place a job offer (gig) for just $5. This includes everything from backlinking, “liking” Facebook fan pages, creating video presentations to submitting testimonials, writing articles – you name it, it’s there, and at only $5 a shot – it’s CHEAP AND IT WORKS!

So, what do you do?  Create an account at some of the active forums in the marketing niche, such as or and run an ad or offer featuring a series of services that will be of interest to busy marketers and entrepreneurs.

Create a “swipe sheet” of services that you can offer based on the available gigs throughout the freelance sites. Pay close attention to “Popular” gigs, as they are ranked based on overall sales and interest, and it’s a great indication as to what services YOU can easily re-sell.

Write up a detailed ad, or offer and post it on as many forums and marketplaces as you can. You could even create a simple website or blog that outlines the services that you’re offering, while providing instant payment links so that clients can more easily obtain your services.  

You’d be surprised just how incredibly easy it is to find an abundance of clients who will gladly pay you to backlink their website, increase their SEO ranking, write articles for them, provide a video testimonial, or submit their content into directory sites.  There are HUNDREDS of freelancers who will do ALL of these tasks (and more) at Fiverr and other low-cost gig sites.

And the best part of it all?

You do nothing but accept the payment – pay a small portion of that to the freelancer and wait for them to complete the service!  Talk about “easy money”, it just doesn’t get better than this!