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Build Your List with PLR Content

As all legitimate Internet Markets are well aware of today, a mailing list is a lot more than just a handy thing to have. An opt-in mailing list is absolutely vital to the survival of any Internet business.

There are ways in which private label content can be used to build opt-in mailing lists. Use your private label product to advertise yourself, your website and your opt-in list.

Have you ever heard that old saying, 'Advertising pays'? The giants of industry both online and off line live by that motto. 'Advertising pays' is their mantra.

Subtle advertising, blatant advertising, paid-for advertising, free-advertising... no opportunity for advertising is ever ignored by those who are in a position to know just how valuable advertising is.

As you are changing a Private Label Rights work into your own original and unique product, you need to keep advertising yourself, your website, and your opt-in list in mind.

Include these subtle or even not-so-subtle advertisements in the text of the Private Label Rights work that you are modifying.

These advertisements can be included in the front of the work, at the end of the work and scatter through the mid part of the work.

It is of the utmost importance that a product that you create using Private Label Rights materials be of real value to those who will ultimately purchase it, but that doesn't mean that you can't also advertise yourself, your website and your mailing list in the process.

Use Private Label Rights products that you create in all of the usual and accepted methods of list building:

Other than selling products that you have created by using Private Label Rights materials, you can also use these same reworked materials in various tried and true list building strategies.

With sufficient changes articles and E-Books created from Private Label Rights materials can be submitted to article banks and E-Book repositories for other website owners and E-zine publishers to use free of charge.

They are required to include your resource box when these articles and E-Books are used and they cannot be modified in any way. So if you have included links to your website and thus to your opt-in list in these articles and E-Books, others will be promoting you to their own lists and on their own websites.

Private Label Rights articles that have been sufficiently rewritten can also be used as forum and blog posts above your signature tag that includes a link to your website. This is an excellent and time-saving method that will allow you to post to blogs and forums more frequently and even more effectively with a lot less time and effort on your part.

There are many ways to use private label products for the purpose of list building, even if you are making a boat load of money at the same time.


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