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Topical Blog Posts

Social Media are BIG these days and one of the simplest and easiest things you can do to add interactivity to your business is to create a blog. Not only does this allow you to begin the process of relationship building with your followers by telling them what you think, but it allows them to add their two cents worth as well. Problem is, you need to keep coming up fresh content to make your blogs both spider and comment worthy. These pre-authored, interesting and informative posts should go a long way towards jumpstarting your efforts!

Having great content on you blog is important, but it is also important that your blog appear professional. Nothing says "hack" like a blog with no theme... or a theme that does not match its content. So we've added in some topical blog themes as well to help to make your wordpress blogs more credible.

What You Get in a Typical Package:



NICHE TOPIC: Internet Marketing

Sub-Topic: Blogs, Podcasts & RSS


Easy Wordpress Sales Pages

Easily Create Killer SEO Optimized Sales Pages, Landing Pages & Squeeze Pages That Google Will Love, Using The Power Of Wordpress...

Get Your Hands On These Preformatted Wordpress Sales Page Themes You Can Have Up & Running On Your Site, Within 5 Minutes Flat!

How would you like to use the power of wordpress to run your next professional sales page? If your answer to that question is yes, you're in luck my friend, because we've just put the finishing touches to a set of 20 excellent wordpress sales page themes you can start using within the next 5 minutes... Each theme has been designed to do one thing, and one thing you sell more.

It does away with standard links and headers, as well as any other distractions a normal blog theme has, and it also comes pre - formatted with numerous features you would expect to have on a sales page! Signatures, bullets, testimonial boxes, headers, sub headers and much, MUCH more...

We have 20 cool designs to choose from, all different in their own unique way, you simply choose which one you think will suit your site, and activate it inside your wordpress control couldn't be any simpler...AND They Can Be Used On As Many Sites As You Want Too!

This really is the ideal theme package to use if you want to sell products with Wordpress, because it's designed specifically for that use! If you can use an ftp program, you can use these themes.

There is no tweaking of the wordpress code to make these work, you dont even have to know anything about php or html. Simply write your post or page as normal, choose where you want your preformatted headers, links, testimonial boxes and bullets to go, click publish and that's it!

Product Rights:

You Receive Private Label Rights


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Other Blog Content Topics covered:

  • Easy Profit with Podcasting

  • How to Blog

  • WP BlogIt

Each content pack contains up to 25 articles on the topic - or a blog theme.

All of the packs listed above are included in the download file.




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