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Best Practice Reseller Strategies 

Here are a few things that you must pay attention to when crafting out your master plan for reselling business domination:

Always Cater to a Hungry Niche Market

People always forget these two important points when targeting a niche market - product demand and the ability to pay for it

You don't want to target a market where people are only looking for freebies. They want your product but are not willing to pay for it.

Creating your Product

You must have good writing skill (obviously). However, if you really want to maximize your profits, you must learn to place your advertisements and recommendations strategically.

If you know how to sell without making the reader 'feel like he is being sold to' then you will be able to capitalize on your back-end.

How to Price Your Product

As we have mentioned before, we must never price our product too low and never too high. Here are a few criteria to price your product:

  • Number of pages
  • Quality of content
  • Your 'name' in your area of expertise
  • Offering in terms of a package deal (e.g. 4 books bundled together for a resell rights package)
  • The number of bonuses you are offering along with the main product
  • Whether you are giving basic resell rights or master resell rights

What are Your Other Profit Centers?

It would be rather pointless if you are selling your E-book with Resell Rights if your product does not have any affiliate links. It would be even better if you join an affiliate program that pays at least 2-tiers.

However, you can also choose to sell your E-book together with its Resell Rights or separately, which would obviously cost your reseller more if he is to acquire the Resell Rights to your product.

Here is how you can identify which affiliate programs to choose:

1) Open or closed affiliate programs - some affiliate programs do not require any purchase of the product to become an affiliate while the other type requires you to purchase the product before you can participate as an affiliate. In other words, it is called a pay-to-play program.

The advantage of a pay-to-play affiliate program is that anyone who wants to become an affiliate will have to pay to buy the product first. In other words, this means money in your pocket (especially if the program pays more than one tier).

On the other hand, a free-to-join affiliate program would attract a lot of people to promote, but this would only work well if YOU are the merchant.

2) Is it closely related to the product and the niche market you are targeting?

The more closely related the back-end or affiliate program, the higher the chances of you acquiring a sale in the process.

3) What kind of payment processors do they accept?

The more options you provide for your affiliates, the easier it is for people to sign up for the program or to buy the product.