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Audio Ebook Packages

Too Busy To Read! Now You Can Listen and Learn!


We know how busy you are, so we have packaged some of our prime content as audio mp3 files that you can listen to while you are driving to work, out walking the dog or simply doing chores around the house.


These products have all been professionally recorded, so you need not worry about the quality of your listening experience.


We are also including the pdf files for all of these works, so you can read and refer back to the documents at your leisure, either to refresh your memory or highlight to your heart's content.


What You Get in a Typical Package:




NICHE TOPIC: Real Estate

Sub-Topic: Home Buying


Pastures New: Your Guide to Moving Abroad

If You're Worried About Moving Overseas.....

Learn Everything You Need to Know With Pastures New: Your Guide to Moving Abroad, Ensuring a Smooth Transition for You and Your Family!

If you're in the process of moving abroad, you are probably worried about the amount of work you need to do and things to remember to ensure a smooth transition for you and your family.

It's only natural to get stressed out over everything, wondering if you've remembered all that you need to do....

Worry No More!

"Pastures New - Your Guide to Moving Abroad" details everything you need to know about moving overseas! Not only do you get the book but you get the audio file to go with it! Listen to the book while you do other chores around the house or on your way to work!

There are many important things to remember when moving overseas. First of all, what do you do with your pet? For some there may not be a choice as different countries have different regulations in regards to animals.

You will also need to have the right documentation in order to move and work effectively within your chosen destination. Failure to do so may result in your inability to legally work or even remain in the country.

Should you rent or buy property overseas? Before starting your search for a home, you will need to ensure you set yourself a budget to stick to and include costs such as bond or renovations, legal fees during the process and the estate agents.

The key component to ensuring a smooth and stress free move is organization. Moving abroad is very different to moving domestically and for this reason it is imperative that you be as organized as possible.

Not all international moving companies are bona fide - you need to find one without being scammed! In preparing to ship your goods overseas, you will need to contact a few removal companies to compare quotes and ensure a reasonable price. However, price should not be the only factor on which to base your choice.

+ AND You Also Get This eBook on Audio MP3, so you can listen and learn!

Product Rights:

You Receive Master Resale Rights To This Book In PDF Format, along with Professional Graphics and Sales Materials.



The House Buyer's Boot Camp

Do NOT go out and buy a house before you get a chance to read this valuable information!!

Buying a home is a great idea if the timing is right and the purchase is made for the right reasons. Although there is no shame in being a perpetual renter there is also a great deal of pride, which goes along with owning your own home.

"The House Buyer's Boot Camp" answers all the questions potential first-time home buyers have.  It provides the direction and information you need to go from being a renter to the proud and happy owner of your first REAL home.

The book covers so many of the issues you will encounter during the house buying and ownership process. It covers going from renter to owner, credit to financing, assets to maintenance and every thing in between in an easy-to-read, easy to understand fashion that will leave you far more informed and closer to getting the perfect house than you ever imagined!

Knowledge is always power. That certainly holds true for finding the right space for you. A good resource can help you make the right buying decisions for this most important part of your life. "The House Buyers Boot Camp" is that resource...

You won't need to wonder "how" or "if" anymore. You will finally have answers and directions that will help you make the purchase of your first house a successful and memorable one.

This product comes complete with anAudio Version, so you can listen to it as you drive to work or take a walk or perform your chores around the house.

All in all, a terrific product with great information -- and offered at a bargain price!

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