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20-Minute Memberships

Micro Sites And Massive Profits! 


Introduction To 20 Minute Membership Site 

One of the easiest ways to build a profitable online business is by developing a "micro niche membership" network. 


You're probably already familiar with just how profitable membership sites can be. Everyone knows that there's an absolute fortune to be made in building high quality continuity websites.   


After all, you aren't just building a website - you are building a COMMUNITY of buyers. 


But we don't all have time for a full featured membership program, and for certain niche markets or topics, a full-scale membership site might simply be "overkill".   


For example, there are many different niche markets where subscribers only need certain answers or solutions to their problems.  Or, perhaps you'd like to create a paid community based on short-term training, coaching or time sensitive information.  Perhaps you'd like to run a fixed term membership site that can be set on complete autopilot, ending after each cycle. 


This is where "micro membership sites" become your secret weapon to being able to tap into the hungriest niche markets with bite sized membership sites! 


With a micro membership website, you are never bogged down by constant updates, or forced into spending every waking moment maintaining your membership program.  


In fact, most of the time you can set up your micro membership sites on complete autopilot, creating it once - and then charging for continued access over a fixed or short-term period.  


For example, you could set up a micro membership site on an 8 week basis, where subscribers pay a small amount every week to gain access to relevant content and information, or you could set it up so that they pay only once, upfront, for access to the entire course that they can download and digest at their own leisure. 


From the busy marketer to the new business owner with minimal marketable experience, micro niche membership sites are simply faster and easier to create.   


Plus, because of just how simplistic they are, you can create more of them, giving yourself the opportunity to venture into countless markets, expand your outreach and maximize your income. 


And speaking of maximizing your online profits, even though micro niche membership sites are designed to be set at a lower price point, you can actually make MORE money with them, simply because people can afford to join and due to the lower costs there is less resistance, making micro niche membership sites even easier to convert. 


Let's take a closer look at how you can start building a profitable micro niche membership site of your own. 



Profitable – Quick Start Ideas 

When it comes to developing a micro niche membership site, there is no shortage of options available to you.  


You could set up your program on a fixed term basis, long-term basis, on an ‘a la carte' basis where visitors must first become free members in order to purchase content or products.

You could simply create your micro niche membership site to be used as a "loss leader". 


In marketing, a "loss leader" is a product or offer designed around collecting leads and building credibility within a niche.  


Loss Leaders are free or low cost products that help merchants develop a presence within their market, or to simply "warm up" customers by giving them a sampling of a lower-priced product with the majority of profit being made through upsells and backend offers. 


Micro niche membership sites are incredibly powerful as loss leaders because not only can you build a targeted list of subscribers, and database of potential customers, but you're also building a community of buyers - people who are interested in your products, and who have taken the necessary steps to become part of your inner circle.   


Rather than creating a loss leader that might attract 'freebie seekers", these people have actually responded to and successfully completed a positive 'action' (signing up to become a member of your membership site).   


You can then use your micro niche membership site to develop relationships with your members, build rapport, trust and credibility so that you can continue to offer them higher end products later on.  Your micro niche membership site could simply be the entry into your entire sales funnel! 


If you are interested in creating a micro niche membership site around the "fixed term" platform, here is a quick overview of how it works: 


With fixed term membership programs you aren’t required to provide long-term updates, or keep adding products into the program. Instead, you can create a series of updates or a collection of products once, and then simply recycle that content as existing members complete the program and new ones join.

It runs on a continuous cycle, and older members complete the program and new members join.  All you have to do is focus on promoting your micro niche membership site! 


This means you create the content for the entire course once and then re-use that content indefinitely, only updating it as new information becomes available, or in the event you feel your content needs to be updated based on changes in the market.  You can also set up a fixed term membership to run on any interval you choose.  


Think about the different ways that you could create valuable proprietary content for your membership site that your market will respond to, including: 


·   Private Webinars 

·   Video Training 

·   Complete Guides 

·   Exclusive Interviews 

·   Reports & Ebooks 

·   Training/Coaching

Also, be sure to record everything you do, because it can always be used inside of your membership program.  


If you give an interview, host a conference call, conduct a workshop, training, whatever it is – always record it. This material can be used as bonus products, or featured as an up sell or backend upgrade or even as your main product! 


Another idea is to create a micro niche membership site around specialized training, consulting or coaching. 


Coaching websites offer clients consultation services for a set fee or on a recurring basis, depending on how you intend to set up your program (offering either a pre-set schedule or allocated time for personal consulting that your subscribers can use whenever they need it). 


With a coaching membership site clients have access to either personal or group support, usually conducted through email, live chat sessions or webinars. 


You could also set up a private ‘students only’ forum where your subscribers could post questions or requests for help on specific subjects. 


Think of the profit potential for a moment: 


If you had only 200 paying subscribers at $50 a month for access into a private forum where they can post questions to you that you can answer publicly for the entire community to benefit from, you would earn $10,000 a month just for spending a couple of hours a day answering questions and providing assistance. 


You could then offer a higher priced coaching program that was open to only 25 of these students, for a flat rate of $1,000 each, where they gain personal access to you for private coaching and consulting.   


This would generate an additional $25,000 from the same community! 

The profit potential for a coaching style membership site is phenomenal.  


If you have specialized knowledge in any industry or you simply have the experience needed to help newcomers in your market, you can easily set up a very profitable coaching based membership site with very little start up costs or time involved. 


20 Minute Membership Site Strategy 


There are many different ways that you can quickly set up a micro niche membership site, but the easiest way of all is to exploit the power and simplicity of the Internet's most popular content management system – Wordpress! 


Wordpress makes it easy to develop feature rich, interactive websites that not only appeal to the masses, but they are far easier to update, manage and maintain then static, traditional HTML websites.

Plus, there is yet another incredible benefit to building your micro niche membership site on this powerful blog-based foundation - They will rank higher in the search engines! 


It's no secret that the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing absolutely love Wordpress based blogs.  Since content is dynamic and ever changing, spiders are consistently crawling these websites, pushing your SEO score through the roof.   


In addition, you can integrate a handful of free plugins that will instantly optimize your website for the search engines, all without spending any money, and very little time. And you can build your community even faster by providing options for your members to interact and communicate with you (and each other!). 


With Wordpress, you can build a simple front-end system that works similarly as that of a regular sales page. You can list the benefits of joining your micro niche membership program, provide detailed information as to what you are offering and how members can sign up and gain access to your valuable content.   


Wordpress simply makes it faster and easier to develop stunning websites in record time. 


But there's one missing ingredient that you absolutely must have in order to complete the process, and get your micro membership site off the ground. 


You need to PROTECT your content! 


With a combination of Wordpress as the front and back end CMS, and a powerful plugin designed to protect your content and provide access only to paying subscribers, you can literally create a complete micro membership site in less than 20 minutes from now. 


This is where WP Sales Buddy will quickly become your best friend (and your secret weapon in giving your online income an instant boost). 


WP Sales Buddy is an all-in-one membership and content delivery system. Not only can you create micro niche membership sites with WP Sales Buddy, but you can also sell individual products as well!   


The greatest thing about WP Sales Buddy is that you install it as you would any other plugin.  Customizing the settings is a breeze, and the entire plugin can be set up and running within a few minutes.  


Compare that to other membership plugins, and you'll quickly discover just how valuable WP Sales Buddy is. Not only is it exceptionally easy to work with, but it's as flexible as you need it to be.  


In fact, you can choose optional add-ons, including the Coupon Plugin, List Building Plugin and even a powerful Affiliate Program Plugin that enables you to start making even more money by building your very own affiliate army to promote your micro niche membership site! 


You can download a copy of WP Sales Buddy at  


I wish you the very best of success building your micro niche membership network!